16th March 2015, Monday

Management wing of Acropolis Institute has organised alumni experience sharing session on 16th March 2015. The session has been addressed by  Mr. Piyush Jain  HR Manager, Bothra Creation, Miss. Aditi Shrivastava  Asst. Manager,  Axis Bank, Mr. Sanchit Sood Relationship Officer, Reliance mutual fund, and Miss. Rashmi Chauhan HR Generalist Wide Vision Technology. This session has been organised with the objective to aware the MBA students what corporate expects from them as an MBA? How to fulfil the expectation? And what alumni did in last 5 years? All four alumni has shared their experience one by one.
First Mr. Piyush Jain shared his experience Corporate expects productivity from us. When you are working in sales, our boss won’t tell us to sale out products from 1st day but he expects the final result at the end of the month and with good volume. We all know how to get pass in DAVV, because we all know what matter and how we should write for better result as same way should be very clear while working in corporate as in what are expectation of companies from us. But do we really work out as we are required in corporate. The answer is NO, but it is really a serious question.
Short cut books are of no use. They give short cut to pass in exam but with no use for corporate life. Labour laws are very essential area which is mostly asked in corporate world, but it not asked in DAVV exam. So, move out of your syllabus and see the practical world. He always used college library without any short cut books.
Google  about the  topics and areas, study more and more. Have a deep knowledge into a particular subject. HR, MARKETING, FINANCE, OPERATION,IT go thoroughly each and every topic.
The Second Alumni speaker was Miss Aditi Shrivastava she has talked about the timings of the corporate.  She said that don’t think jobs are of 10-6 in corporate. Finance is not a operation job. It happens  only in government job. If you go into any field either finance or HR, the job is to sale the products. In today’s world, MBA are hired on the basis of their skills, knowledge and attitude. The terms which you may not find important during academic lectures, on those only questions will be asked during job interview. Even question on hobbies are asked in interview, to confirm how much do you know about yourself.
You should be very clear about what have you done till date. No spoon feeding is done in job. The tasks are given to you which has to be performed by you any ways. Be proactive and multi tasking person into today’s world.
Mr. Sanchit  Sood spoke about learning in colleges. It helps us to survive in corporate. Consistency plays vital role, if you are stable into a firm than even company will support you. If a company is spending money on you then it needs its return. Practical knowledge is very important in every field. Be stable if you are working in an organisation. If you think getting into a job only for a year then switch to other job, it won’t help you. It is very important to pre-plan things in life. If you are going for interview then go through the companies web site and read about it. Be confident during presentation, be sure what you have read.
Don’t be over ambitious about your job. It won’t be so luxurious at initial stage. Respect your company which fulfil your basic needs.
You are in learning stage, so do participate in every activity. You will learn how to crack interview. Do apply for campus placement. Starting salaries are very low, don’t expect more as you are learner. Products are sold with confidence.
Emotions are used while selling products. He used to catch his friends to sale mutual funds, by letting them know negative sides of it, if they don’t purchase it. Sales are only to be done in final.
Make good friends which will stay in your life. Search new opportunities and try to grab it. Do participate in our college club, it increases your skills. Make contacts.
As a Last speaker Ms. Rashmi Chouhan said that our dreams are very important in life, it should be very clear. Dreams should not be imaginary but real for which we can put efforts to make them reality. In interview you can judge where you stand. Go for more and more interviews if you want to learn more. Get into internship in whichever specialization you like, it has a weight age to your resume.
In resume, career objective is very important. In corporate world, candidates are scrutinised by resume. Fresher’s are hired by their positive attitude, technical knowledge. Have good command on MS office, excel. MBA’s are expected to know basic terms. Understand the mind set of person in HR job.HR has huge scope. Learn to work on time. If you have started something, make it an end. Have good communication, judge people by their over look. HR operation includes banking issues, administration work and legal matters.
Career objective should be short and sweet; it should show your skills.
The sessions has been concluded with the question and answers.