4th April 2015, Saturday

In the series of Alumni Experience Sharing Session, on 4th April, 2015, Saturday, another session has been organized. This session has been addressed by the alumni of batch 2008-10. Four alumni addressed the students, they were, Mr. Arpit Kabra Finance Manager VE Commercial, Mr. Navneet Solanki HR.Manager, Big Bazar, Mr. Nikhil Shukla Marketing Manager Matrix & Mr Anurag Choudhary Manager Legal Compliances  Indira Securities.
Mr. Arpit Kabra
In his address to students Mr. Kabra   said that , if you have joined an organization as a finance person. Don’t think that you will stick to finance only your organization may shift you in any area where they are in need of you and they deemed it fit. In the corporate there is a simple saying “Survival of Fittest”. One should go for additional certification apart from MBA degree and must have good typing speed or command on the key board. Very vital point which he shared with the students that before appearing for any interview or for any work one has to do home work.
Mr. Navneet Solanki
He talked as a HR person. He said that one must join internship keeping in mind the specialization which he/she is going to take in his MBA. One must be adaptable , a good decision maker and having presence of mind. Administration is the part of HR or in HR profile one must have to take care of administration also, administration is mainly of matter related to the Labour Laws hence if some one is going to take HR as his/her specialization , must have through knowledge of Labour and other laws.
Mr. Anurag Coudhary
He said that set your target and dream company in which you want to work. Always modest during the interview, reply the questions based on your practical experience and knowledge. Work hard because there is no short cut to success. One must have technical knowledge and dressing sense too. Don’t use the word in reference to the salary “ No Bar”, try to finalize the deal and work.
Mr. Nikhil Shukla
He said that there is no specific job of operations profile, even the profile which is know as operation profile is of sales profile. Hence don’t be hesitant in joining the sales profile. One must be always ethical in sales because you can sell the product only once through unethical means but later on you will loose the future sale. Instead of unethical behavior one must put 100% efforts. Always take the decision based on the conditions and circumstances. And focus on your work and use the network properly.