Acro Student becomes Google Student Ambassador 2013-14

Indore, July 02, 2013:

Witnessing unprecedented response and excitement to the Google Student Ambassador program organized globally by Google – with over 1,750 strong candidates from more than 100 towns and cities across India vying for the coveted Google Student Ambassador (GSA) title, student of Acropolis Institute of Technology & Research (AITR), Indore, Abhilash Mishra (IT branch, 3rd year) stood out impressively amidst this strong competition. He is selected as GSA to represent Acropolis Institute for the 2013-14 academic year.
Abhilash Mishra will now have to roll-out campus initiatives as a Google Student Ambassador and will be responsible to manage all the activities and drives to be conducted by Google within the campus. He has been also invited to Google India Community Summit 2013 taking place in Goa from 01 to 04 July 2013. During this summit he will undergo training to initiate various GSA focused activities.
At this glorious achievement, Dr. MD Agrawal (Director, AITR), Prof. MK Dube (CEO, AITR), Dr. Kamal Bharani (Principal, AITR) and Prof. Kamal Sethi (HOD, IT branch) congratulated him and wished him good luck for the future. Worth mentioning, the Google Student Ambassador Program is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between Google and their universities. These ambassadors:
  • Learn about innovative Google products and programs.
  • Plan and host fun events on campus.
  • Act as a campus contact for Google teams.
  • Help Google better understand each university’s culture.

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