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Ad Analysis Competition

The marketing Club ‘Markomaniac’ organized an event ‘The AD Analysis Competition’ on 19th December’2014. The competition was based on TV Commercials, the participants were required to select a TV Commercial of their choice and showcase it in the auditorium followed by a presentation on the technical aspects of the Ad like, celebrity endorser used, target customers, background of the company, Ad Appeal etc. The event was a great success with 12 teams comprising of 2 to 3 students from both I semester and III Semester of MBA participated in the event. The event was judged by Dr. Pragya Jaroliya, Dr. Rajeshwari Gwal, Prof. Vaishali Maheshwari and Dr. Priyanka Mokshmar. All the MBA Sem I and Sem III students attended the event with great zeal and enjoyed the videos and the stories behind the AD. The winners of the event were Khyati Thakkar and Vishakha Bichawe from MBA Sem 1 and Runner up were Sourabh Vaidya, Piyush Chourey and Navneet Prakash of MBA Sem 3.

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