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Alumni Interaction Session on April 16, 2021

Speaker                : Ms. Chandani Paryani

Batch                    : 2008-10

Position Hold       : Branch Head

Company             : Elite Investment

Date                     : 16/04/2021

Day                      : Friday

Time                     : 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Organizer             : Dr. Anshu Thakur

Beneficiaries         : Students of MBA semester II & IV

MBA department has organized an Online Alumni Interaction session on 16/04/2021. The speaker was Ms Chandni Paryani alumna of MBA batch 2008-2010. She took a very interesting session. She guided students on how to start their career. She gave some great learning’s to students.

  1. For anything you want to do you have to make a plan. Write your dreams/goals, make your short, medium and long term goals, make a flow chart, start working passionately for it and only then it will get executed.
  2. Start doing internships, learn their culture, and learn the work.
  3. Appear for every single interview give it your best and then even if you get rejected, you will end up having an experience which will guide you to crack next interview.
  4. Learn as much as you can, read books(emphasized on The Secret ), read case studies of current scenarios(discussed about OYO), and always be a good listener as when you listen carefully you will end up knowing what you don’t know.
  5. Improve your communication skills.
  6. Work on your confidence and always stay positive

She also gave some effective resume tips as one of the most important one was `stability’ . She said, their should always be stability in your resume, as it is the most important factor for every organization.

She ended the session with a great saying, “ITS NEVER TOO LATE” start working for dreams now, with all your dedication and with a great plan in mind and you will have it in your hand .

Prepared by Dr. Anshu Thakur


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