April 18th 2015,Saturday

  Alumni Experience Sharing Session
A Report
18th April 2015, Saturday
In the series of Alumni Experience Sharing Session , another session has been organized on 18th April 2015, Saturday. In this session three alumni of batch 11-13 and one of the alumni as well as President of Acropolis Group Alumni Association was there. These three alumni were Mr. Pratyush Nair, Executive Training and Development Safe Express, Mr. Ahinay Ranjan Sinha Business Developer, Project Coordinator, Founder- Coderspace webtech solution  , Miss Vidhi Garg Business Analyst- Neuron IT Solution-experience of 2 years and Mr. Vaibhav Karpe President Alumni Association and Independent Campus recruiter of IT companies.
Mr.Pratyush Nair
First session has been taken by Mr. Pratyush Nair ,he talked about marketing. He said that one must  do field job also even he opts for operations. Marketing is all about communication skill and one should have convincing power and hard work. There is a travelling in all types of job, so we should be always ready for it. He talked about Supply chain management- start from supplier of raw material to finished goods then Wholesaler-Distributor-Retailer-Customer. One should have some different things from others may be Good communication or practical knowledge to get selected in the job interview. To crack the interview, read FAQ(Frequent Ask Question) on internet. Start gaining knowledge about your subject and general knowledge also. One should have proper plan. Go for extra certification courses. E-commerce is the very big platform and area of upcoming jobs. He said that huge career opportunities are available in  Supply chain & Logistics.
Ms.Vidhi Garg-
Session second has been addressed by Ms Vidhi Garg. She has talked about the attitude. She said that good and positive attitude is must to become successful in professional and personal life. Interaction with everyone will help you to overcome with the shyness and will make you comfortable in facing interviews. Studies are very important one should be sincere enough for studies, because it helps in handling the interviews in proper direction. Internship is one of the important factor before one plans to enter to the professional life, because what industry expects from an employee or what is the culture? One comes to know only through the internship and after pursuing internship successfully makes you adaptable. And last but not the least responsibility. She said the one should be responsible enough , because irresponsible behavior causes great loss in personal and professional life.
Mr.Abhinay Sinha –
Third session has been taken by Mr Abhinay Ranjan Sinha. He talked about the creativity. He said that by showing creativity in every field will make you successful. If your creativity can make more money for the organization or increases profitability or market share , share it with your companies management. One very important aspect which he touched is that, time is important and its proper utilization is very important. He also said that give your best in every field without any ego and attitude.
Mr. Vaibhav Karpe –
Mr Vaibhav Karpe has addressed the last session. He talked about creativity in MBA. He also talked about the certification and said that there is a PCM certification in the field of marketing. He also said that one should be very serious about Pre Placement talks as well as campus interview. One  should have good communication skills and during the interview one should answer as open ended so that next question should come from that end only. Always be proactive and details oriented without going into details should not make up the mind or conclude / interpret any thing, which may be harmful. Always update with the latest technology.