The cultural Fest of Acropolis  is back this year in its latest carnation




Dance Competition: (Acro Zaara Nach ke Dikha)
The very awaiting charm of the Dance Competition “Acro Zaara Nach ke dikha” with the zany moves, the dizzying footwork, the flashy costumes, the judges watching ardently, the crowds screaming names, the earth pulsating in rhythm and the afterglow.. Students put on their dancing shoes and devise new moves which took all breath away. Flaunt the skills and creativity and dazzle the huge audience that oohs and aahs with every breathtaking move. The competition was judged by Mrs. Anuradha Chaitanya and Ms. Mayuri , the renowned dance experts of Indore .

Singing Competition/Antakshari: (Swaranjali)
Music is like an art, a subjectively perceived phenomenon. It is said that God has created it in “Measure, Number and Weights”. It is a sort of demeanor necessary for whoever thinks it and makes it. The Singing Competition – “ Swaranjali “ comes out with same thought and proved out to be one of the popular show of the series .The competition was judged by Mr. Shrinivas Pujari and Ms. Shobhna Phadke

Fine Arts :(Rang , Hodge Podge , Paints and Brushes)
They say that beauty is seen is seen better by the mind’s eye, and in the true spirit of this statement, Creative art provides both a new dimension and a new method to the venerated practices of depicting beauty. The Rangoli , Collage , Face Painting and Monochromatic painting competitions were the same flying beauties .The judges were Dr. Rita Jain and Ms.Toshi Dubey.

Fashion Show: (Reflection)
“Creating art and having a chance to wear it, plus doing something to celebrate the environment, are the baby steps of uniting our world to come together to make a difference”. The fashion show “Reflection” is yet another extravaganza of the cultural fest having three different and unique themes of Seasonal , retro’s and Traditional . Jugal Bandi , Nukkad natak and Extempore were yet another successful events the students participated and enjoyed.

Cultural Evening:-

The theme for the annual function ARDOR’10 was “NAVRAS”.

Navras is the aesthetic experience (not the emotional experience itself) of the nine basic emotions or tastes (rasas), viz., sensitive(perception of love, shringar), comic (hasya), heroic (veer), furious (raudra), apprehensive (vibhatsa), compassionate (karuna), horrific (bhayanak), marvelous (adbhut), and calmed (shaant).

Ardor ‘10 started with Ganapati Vandana –“The Vinayakas”. The ambience created an overwhelming atmosphere worshiping Lord Ganesha – the popular figure of Indian Art. The next item was based on Veer Ras which is a ras of fearlessness, Self Assurance and heroism. The sizzling performance of sword and fire dance impressed the audience with the beautiful balance and creativity. The performance of Adbhut ras reflects the wonder of street dance having enthusiastic block bluster of Youth of Indore. The Shringaar Ras showcased the classical grace depicting the beautiful love story of lord Krishna and Radha . The contemporary dance number integrates the lifts and gestures which converts the self centered sadness to genuine compassion – the true definition of Karun Ras . The Zaayka – Taste of Indore make audience fall of their seats laughing on the humorous performance of Hasya Ras . The acroband rocked the stage with full throttle.

Chairman Acropolis Group, Mr. Ashish Sojatia welcomed the Chief Guest , Mr. Pawan Shivastava (DIG Indore) and Special Guest Mr. Sanjay Jagdale(Joint Secretary , BCCI India). The verbal welcome was presented by Prof. Sumer S. Yadav .Introduction to the special guest and chief guest was given by Ms. Pushpa Pathak and Prof. Manish Sharma respectively. Mr. Sanjay Jagdale shared his experience of Cricket with the students and appreciated the students for their outstanding performance. Mr. Pawan Shrivastav addressed the students with the theory of acquiring the ability to interpret their dreams to be a powerful tool and motivated them to go ahead with a strong vision. Annual Report was read by the Principal, Dr. M.D. Agrawal . He highlighted the overall achievements of the academic year 2009-10. To bless the occasion Shri Ashok Sojatia (Chairman, Governing Body),Shri Gaurav Sojatia(Chairman , AITR), Shri S.K. Vashisht(Retd. Commissioner) , Dr. C.M. Potdar & Dr. Pankaj Trivedi were also present among the dignitaries of the gathering . Students were awarded for their achievements in the category of Sports, Arts, Academia and Liter aria. Mr. Anand Sojatia (Secretary , Acropolis Group) and Dr. Ashok Kumat ( Vice Chairman , AITR) presented the token of memory to the guests of the evening . Prof. M.K. Dube, CEO Acropolis proposed the vote of thanks. The event proved out to be a grand success with the special contribution of Prof. Suresh Batni (Convener) , Mr. Gaurav Chaitanya and Ms. Aarti Sharma (Treasurer) of the annual function. The evening was a blend of traditional and modern culture under the progressive roof of Acropolis which means always on the top.