Cultural Fest: ARDOR-12

Our culture is rooted deeply in our spiritual values and unless these values find their way in life, education will lose its significance. The reflection of these values is apparent from the contribution made by the students through cultural fest. The institute celebrated its cultural fest ARDOR’12 on a humble note on 23-24 February 2012. It provided an excellent platform for students to showcase their talents and it was the perfect arena for interaction among the youth for better global understanding. Known to attract the best student talent from across the campus, ARDOR is all set to take things to a greater level this year. The two days were a powerful blend of education, culture, humur and talent.
The theme of the ARDOR’12 was”ZENITH”, meaning the highest point reached by a celestial body during its apparent orbit around a given point of observation. The theme is to encourage our students to aim to reach the zenith of excellence in their orbit of getting motivated by winning and significant learning after losing in life.
The first day (23rd Feb 2012) of the fest featured the singing and dancing competitions-
Singing / Instrumental Competition: Swaranjali
Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence. Its common elements are pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythmdynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture. The singing and Instrumental Competition-“Swaranjali” keeps a great approximation of the above and is an event designed to identify and award the outstanding music ensembles and soloists. The rhythmic chanters made the event remarkable. The vibrant colors of  singing, both solo and group performances, where the students of the college were carried away by the melodies of the participating singers. The competition was judged by eminent personalities Mr. Vivek Rishi (Guitarist) and  Mr. Ashish Raikwar a well known singer of  Indore. The event coordinator was Dr. Anupama Tiwari, one of the talented vocalists of the institute.
Dance Competition: Ntriyanjali
Dancing is an art, we may be sure, cannot die out, but will always be undergoing a rebirth. Not merely as an art, but also as a social custom, it perpetually emerges afresh from the soul of the people. The dance competition – Nritanjali depicted the artistic and creative pursuits, which was very gratifying. The most awaited charm of Dance competition came to its peak with the zany moves, typical footwork, the dazzling costumes, the crowd screaming the names, the judges watching ardently, the earth pulsating in rhythm and the afterglow. The honorable judges of the competition were Mrs. Anuradha Chaitanya (a famous Kathak Dancer) and Mrs. Nayantara Gupta(Gangor Ntriya Expert), renowned dance artists of Indore. The event became a success and is well coordinated by Ms. Zulfa Shiekh, Ms. Vibhuti Vyas and Ms. Sarika Jain.
The prize distribution ceremony for cultural and sports events was conducted on the same day. The guest of honor of the event was Mr. Alpesh Shah, a well known personality who felicitated the young talents of the institute. Then came the most anticipated moment, where the office bearers of Yavnika Hobby Club took oath, lead by the guest of honor, whereby they declared and vowed to fulfill their duties according to their respective portfolios to the best of their abilities. Having made their sincere promises, the office bearers received their respective badges from the chief guest, who was also the first to greet them with his warm smile and encouraging words. The guest addressed the students with a quote that Education does not merely mean academic education, what we have to do is to mobilize our people and build up the character of our future generations.
The final day (24th Feb 2012) of the fest beguiled with a great zeal and enthusiasm in the presence of our chief guest, Mr. Narendra Kumar Baldota and special guest Mr. O. P. Goel . The day was a blend of traditional and modern culture under the progressive roof of Acropolis which means always on the top. The program started with melodious, devotional and tuneful  song sung by Mr. Vishal Puranik, and group of the talent young artists of the institute which give zest of purity to the event. Formal programme started with a welcome speech by Prof. M.K. Dube (CEO, AITR). He welcomed our distinguished guests, parents and elite audience witnessing the grandeur. Dr. Jayantilal Bhandari (Director, AIMSR) welcomed the chief guest and Dr. Mona Nagar (Principal, AIPER) welcomed the special guest. Dr. M.D. Agrawal (Director, AITR) presented the annual report of the various institutes of AITR Campus where he highlighted the students and faculty achievements in academic year 2011- 2012. Introduction of the chief guest and special guest was given my Prof. Sumer Singh Yadav (Director,FMS). The dignitaries on the Dias felicitated the young scholars and talented artists of the institute who were the recipients of the awards and achievements at national and international level in academia, liter aria, sports and cultural events and competitions. Mr. Ashish Sojatia (Chairman, Acropolis Group) and Mr. Anand Sojatia(Advisor, Acropolis Group) presented token of memory to the chief guest and special guest respectively. Mr. Ashok Sojatia (Chairman, BOG), Mr. Gaurav Sojatia (Chairman, AITR), Dr. Ashok Kumat (Vice Chairman, AITR), Ms. Shraddha Sojatia (Director, Events) were also present among the dignitary members. Vote of Thanks was proposed byDr. Kamal Bharani (Principal, AITR).Ms. Sumitra Joshi and Mr. Anand Bandawala hosted the event.
The cultural program started with Gana- the dance to please the God of Theatre- “ Natraj” constitutes the beautiful traditional dance which particularly performed on the enchanting beats in a quick tempo. This is followed by “Durga Saptashati”, semi classical dance form which created ambience of overwhelming atmosphere worshiping Maa Durga- the popular figure to motherhood and devotion. This is followed by a Tribute to Bollywood legends – Late Mr. Dev Anand and Late Mr. Shammi Kapoor which is yet another extravaganza of the cultural fest. The medley was composed under the supervision of Mr. Vishal Puranik and Mr. Arvind Jaiswal. Many colorful performances such as Southern Sizzlers, Kolaveri Di- the tune of the year, puppet dance and Marathi folk lifted the graph of success of the event. A laughter show by Mr. Rohit Sharma throbbed with zest and the audience was robbed of stress.A musical tribute to Ghazal King Late Mr. Jagjeet Singh, composed under the able guidance of Dr. Anupama Tiwari became the soul of the event. A skit was also performed by the young actors of the institute directed by Ms. Sumitra Joshi. The programme ended with Vande Mataram followed by grand and delicious lunch at the college campus.
Just as the chemist in the laboratory concentrates all the powers of his mind and brings them into one focus -the elements to be analyzed and find out their hidden secretes similarly a good mentor is the making of team and provide them with a chance to comprehend their infinite potential and this is proven by the convener of Ardor’12 Dr. Shilpa Bhalerao by the support and constant guidance of her we have ultimately found a way to honor the time and golden efforts put in by all our Ardor’12 team members and students. The reception committee was headed by Mr. Manish Jain and his team who worked continuously to make the event successful. The grand stage at the campus, the rolling and falling curtains, the heart touching decoration on stage, the stage transitions can be possible with the efforts of Ms. Sheetal Dubey and her team. The discipline committee headed by Prof. Manish Sharma, put all efforts to maintain the decorum of the program. Ms. Ruchi Agrawal and Ms. Vaishali Rao contributed as Treasurer and Prize Distribution Committee Head resp. The event proved out to be grand success which was the outcome of the hard work and continuous efforts of the secretary of the fest Mr. Gaurav Chaitanya and the students.