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Educational trip – Radisson Blu, Indore on May 5, 2016

Operations Management, a discipline fundamental to  the establishment and execution of every business, is taught to the students in MBA semester II as a core subject. While the theory and the concepts of operations are taught in the class room, the practical knowledge and application skills for the subject can be developed only by exposing the students to the industry. While a number of visits to various manufacturing  units have been planned in the past, this time an educational trip to a service  industry had been envisaged for the students. Service being a burgeoning economy in India, a visit of hospitality sector  was  very aptly planned for the students who showed affinity for the subject and were contemplating to opt for specialization in Operations stream.

The students were taken to Radisson Blu on May 5, 2016 to learn about the operations management practices there. The students were surprised to see the grandness of the unit, the superb layout, space utilization, functionality and aesthetics of the place.  The banquets management was an area that captured the attention of the students, they were astounded by the capacity adjustment and demand management techniques used by the group.  The kitchens were another place that gave the students vital inputs on layout and material flow, they could appreciate the complexity involved in job shop production and the challenges of materials management. The design, décor and the ambience of the rooms, suites emphasized the importance  of personal touch and  customization  in service industry. It was a great learning expedition for the students and corroborated the tenets that they have learned in the management books.



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