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Expert talk

Department               –           MBA (AFMR)

Name of Event           –           Expert talk

Date of Event              –         Tuesday, 25th Apri ,2017

Objective of Event     –           Enable student to get exposure to Optns & Prodn  practices                                                  

Details of Guests with Designation  – Mr. Manish Jain  Experienced Production  professional

COO ITL Industires ,Ltd. and Director Indore Tools, Indore

Dignitaries Present                 –

Coordinator (s)/Convener    –           Prof Juhi Kamakoty (Coordinator Kaizen Club)

Details of Participants           –           All students of MBA  Sem II and Sem IV

Achievements (if any)           –


To churn out the best quality humanware  that befits the industry, academia need to centrifuge with industry. Academia establishes theories, Industry propagates practices. To  ingrain  sound theory and   contemporary practices in the students , education  cannot be restricted to  the four walls of classroom. Either students go to the industry or the industry comes to the students. At Acropolis (North Campus) we practice both in the form of industrial visits and expert talk.

An expert talk was organized on ‘Practices in Operations Management ’ for the MBA students by Prof Juhi Kamakoty,  under the aegis of Kaizen Club. The resource person for the event was Ms Manish Jain , COO   ITL Industries Limited.  Mr Manish Jain , a production engineer and SCM graduates gave an overview of operations management practices on the shopfloor. He pitched the difference between theory and practices, reinstated the need to develop applicability skills in the students. The guest speaker  emphasized that  theoretical clarity is a pre requisite to good  performance at  job. In operations management it becomes all the more necessary to have sound concepts due to the vastness and variability inherent in the subject. Finally he impressed on developing soft skills in the  students to be successful in life ahead. Words like  hard work, diligence, persuasiveness may sound hackneyed but still they are the only way to success.

The session was interesting and engrossing. The expert talk eventually ended opening up new horizons for the students.

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