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Faculty Day Out ( 20 Dec 2014)

A Faculty Day out was planned by Acropolis B-School (AFMR & AITR-MBA) on 20th December 2014, Saturday to Chokhi Dhani, Indore. In which total 22 members participated with their kids.
All the faculty members of MBA department arrived at the Institute at 10:15 AM and the Institute bus departed for Chokhi Dhani at11 AM and reached at 11:30 AM. We were given a traditional welcome with Aarti and Teeka with a welcome drink, Jaljeera. After that we all had our breakfast of Poha, Jalebi with Tea. Then the fun begun with lots of amusement and entertainment activities provided by them and planned by the Faculty Club as well.
First we have seen all the cultural activities provided by them including Jadugar ka khel, Nat ka khel, Puppet show, Kalbalia nach, Ghoomar etc. Then we have gone for a management game, “How much u know your colleagues” , in this game Faculty club has made some clues which was associated with each of a faculty member and all members present were made to identify the name of faculty which resemble the clue. The member who has given the maximum answers was announced as the Winner. The winner for the game was Dr. Priyanka Mokshmar and I Runner up was Prof. Anshu Thakur. After the game we have played helping friend (an outdoor game). At 2 PM we all had our lunch which was a Rajasthani cuisine. Post lunch we all played cricket for half an hour then we went to see Jungle me Mangal. We again went for a management game, “How good observer you are!!”. In this game all the members were bind folded and they were ask to define any of their colleagues as they have observed them since morning. Ms. Shalini Berry was the Winner and Ms. Jasbeer Kour Bagga was the I Runner Up. Faculty Club has also given some awards to the persons who enjoyed the most- 1 male, 1 female and 1 kid. For male it was Mr. Gourav Soni, for Female it was Prof. Prachi Sharma and for kid it was Inaya kamakoty. We all went for disco at 4 PM then finally the picnic ended up at 5PM.
It was a much deserved break from regular routine where all had fun and enjoyed a lot!!!

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