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Greenvelopes Competition on June 1 , 2022

Department                                       –           MBA (AFMR)

Name of Event                                   –           Greenvelopes Competition  (Kaizen Club Activity)

Date of Event                                      –          Wednesday, June 1 , 2022

Objective of Event                             –          To make students understand the concept of

                                                                               creating  value out of waste in business

Details of Guests with Designation  –

Dignitaries Present                             –

Coordinator (s)/Convener                –          Prof Juhi Kamakoty (Coordinator Kaizen Club)

Details of Participants                                   –           MBA  Students  (Sem 2 & Sem 4)

Achievements (if any)                       –

Write up giving highlights

Waste is not waste till you waste it. The idea behind this exercise was  to make the students  realize  how waste  of one process is input to another process  and  how waste can be reused and recycled into new product forms. A very ubiquitous waste is Paper in various forms.  In this workshop simulation this Paper waste was used as  basic input to make envelopes.

Students were divided in group of 8 and each group was given used  sheets  of paper, glue and cutter and product samples (envelope)  that they had  replicate. The students had to reverse engineer that product, develop the process, divide the work and allocate team members accordingly. They had to do all this in production run of 45 minutes. Once the production run was over the lot made by  each group  was checked for conformity by quality inspectors. Lacuna in confirmation to specifications resulted in rejects.  Finally the expenses incurred,  potential sales generated and profit  earned by each group was computed to give the students the real feel of business. The winning team was awarded certificates.  The activity was organized under the aegis of Kaizen Club by Prof Juhi Kamakoty .  Prof Vikas Jain  helped in the execution of the activity.

The produce of envelopes made by the entire Kaizen run will be used by club/ faculty  for inhouse circulation. This is an effort of Kaizen Club  in the direction to recycle, reuse  and reduce waste, committed to  the theme of the club ‘Out of Box Thinking’  The entire activity was conceptualized and designed by Prof Juhi Kamakoty.

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