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Guest Lecture on “How students can increase their employability” on May 6, 2021

Department                    : Acropolis Faculty of Management & Research

Speaker                : Mr. Uttam Sahay, Director Morish Foods.

Date                     : 6/05/2021

Day                      : Thursday

Time                     : 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Organizer             : Dr. Anshu Thakur

Beneficiaries         : Students of MBA semester II & IV


Highlights of the Event


MBA department has organized an Online Guest session on 06/05/2021. The speaker was Mr.Uttam Sahay, Director HR and strategies, Morish Foods (Kolkata). Mr. Sahay possesses a rich experience of 25+ year in the field of HR and Administration, previous to Morish Foods he served Idea Vodafone ltd, in the capacity of Vice President HR for more than a decade. The Students of semester II and IV in total around 100+ students attended the session.

Mr. Sahay gave very valuable inputs to the student about how they can increase their employability, so that they will be industry ready. Gain practical experience as much as you can, do internships, work for small industries and handle their projects as practical experience will add to employment capability. He also shared contribution of soft skills for becoming industry ready.

He said that the most important habit which one must develop is the habit of listening. He said that networking is very important now days. The trend of resume is about to over, the latest trend what they are practicing for the purpose of recruitment is linden profile. The HR collects data and information about the candidates from there. So your LinkedIn profile should be very interesting and professional.  He said that make your hobby salable, not for the purpose of earning money but you come to know the facts about the market and the psychology of the customer and get noticed. He addressed the question of the students and during that in response to one of the question from HR student, that to be successful HR manager one should have a sound knowledge of three laws apart from local laws, are Provident Fund Act, Minimum Wages Act and ESIC.

He has given very valuable inputs to the students about the expectation of HR from the fresh entrant. While concluding his session he has advised the students that do something different which makes you indifferent.

Prepared by Dr. Anshu Thakur

Uttam Sahay 5 Uttam Sahay 6th May21-2


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