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“Hustle Puzzle” on Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Department                            –           MBA (AFMR)

Name of Event                       –           “Hustle Puzzle”

Date of Event                       –           Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Place of the Event                 –         MBA Lobby

Objective of Event                –         To understand the importance of effective Time and     Resource Management

Dignitaries Present                –           Dr. Manish Mittal

Coordinator (s)/Convener    –           Prof. Amit Shah and Prof. Snehal Phatak

Details of Participants           –           MBA Ist Sem Students (Batch 2018-20)

Details of Volunteers           –          MBA IIIrd Sem Students (Batch: 2017-19)



Write up giving highlights .


Udyamita – the Entrepreneurship Club of MBA Dept had organized an activity named “HUSTLE PUZZLE” during the Induction Programme – Aarohan (16th to 31st Aug 2018) for the new entrants of MBA (Batch: 2018-20). There were 20 teams comprising of 7-8 members in each team, headed by one volunteer to guide them. In this activity, the students were provided 16 shuffled pieces of a Jigsaw Puzzle, dummy money of value Rs.160 (Rs.10/ puzzle piece) and a coloured picture of the correct puzzle. The task was to arrange for the correct puzzle (of 16 pieces) with the help of barter system or by exchange of dummy money for every puzzle piece. Just like an Entrepreneur, this activity helped them to understand how the scarce financial resources and human resources should be effectively utilized and how effective time management helps everyone to accomplish important goals. They also understood the importance of Communication and Coordination while working in teams. The time allotted to the teams was 1 hour. The teams showed very enthusiastic participation. The winners and runner ups were given gift hampers as a token of motivation.

Prepared by: Prof. Snehal Phatak

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