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Induction Program (Aarohan -2016)

Aarohan-2016, the MBA Induction Program of Acropolis Faculty of Management & Research (North Campus) was inaugurated on Wednesday August 24.Aarohan 2016 is a 3 day capsule program for the new comers. The first day that was today, marked the formal inauguration of the event in the forenoon session followed by familiarization of the students with the Acropolis culture and cult in the post noon session. The inaugural event also marked the formal launching of the IMA chapter at Acropolis. The next two days, will be full of management games and activities under the aegis of various clubs to involve the students and make them comfortable as Acropolians..The event was graced by MrRajendra Joshi, Vice President (Operations) John Deere Ltd, Dewas as the chief guest.
After OM chanting the program was formally inaugurated by the chief guest along with other dignitaries like- MrSantoshMuchhal , President, Indore Management Association, Chairman Acropolis MrGauravSojatia, Vice chairman Prof M . K Dubey, Vice chairman(academics)Dr. Shamsher Singh, MrAtul Bharat Group Director Career Development cell Dr. J. L. Bhandari Director AIMSS and Director AFMR Dr. Manish Mittal .
Director AFMR Dr. Manish Mittal in his welcome speech congratulated the students for opting for Acropolis MBA. He assured the students that the next two years they will be given the best of education and opportunities to develop their potential and transform them into successful learners, confident individual and responsible citizens.

MrAtulBharat , Group Director, CDC emphasized that MBA is all about seamless integration of Marketing, Finance, HR and Operations . One needs to know all the domains well to become a good manager. Prof M K Dubey Vice Chairman, blessed the students and emphasized on regularity in college while Dr. Shamsher Singh vice Chairman (academics) emphasized on the students to develop good IT skills. MrSantoshMucchal, President of IMA, stressed on the need of connectivity and networking for a successful career. MrRajendra Joshi, the chief guest of the program, in his engrossing speech immediately connected with the students. He asked the students to develop virtues like focus, hard work and time management to be successful in their career. He said that learning should not be restricted to four walls of the class room but should be a continuous process.
The last segment of the program included encouraging and rewarding meritorious students of MBA batch 2015 for their regularity and outstanding performance in in academic and extra curriculum. The students were given letter of appreciation for their regularity in first year. Students also received certificates of winning/ participation/ volunteering from their respective clubs.
Mr. GauravSojatia presented mementoes to the guests . The program was conducted by Prof JuhiKamakoty, Faculty member, Acropolis Faculty of Management & Research.
The second and third day of Aarohan 2016 (August 26th& 27th ) will be more fun and frolic for the student. The Finance club activity ‘ Stock Market simulation ‘ will be conducted in the pre noon session of the second day. The students will get an idea of the hustle and bustle of stock markets. The post noon session will be engaged by the marketing club. Ad mad show competition is planned for the students. The student group will work on different themes and propose their ad for the contest. On the forenoon of third day, Kaizen club had planned collage and poster making competition for the student groups. The students will display their creative talent on the poster. The topic for the competition will be ‘Make in India’. The students will be judged on their creativity, concept and presentation. The post noon session of the third day will be taken up by the HR club for team building and coordination exercise .Winners will be provided certificates.

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