INDUSTRIAL VISIT TO BANGALORE (EMC2 & ISRO) from 2nd August to 7th August 2011

To get practical knowledge  and live demonstration of latest data storage technology , students of Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research, Indore  visited to Bangalore from 2nd August to 7th August 2011 assisted by 3 faculty members Mr. ShaileshGondal, Mr. Shailendra Singh Bhalla and Ms. ZulfaShaikh and this trip was mainly coordinated by Dr. ShilpaBhalerao. A group of 22 members of Acropolis (3 Faculty members & 19 Students) visited EMC2 on 4th August 2011. EMC2  is one of the top 5 largest storage based company in the world.  At EMC2, Project Scientist Mr. Chandrashakar divided us in two group one headed by Mr. Vinay and other by Mr. Arun , it took around 6 hr to visit EMC2 , there we saw working of various storage devices  such as Symmetrix, clariion, Centera in R & D Lab and Data Centre. They also explained Data storage and connectivity of server to storage with SAN & NAS attachment. We also came to know about its working with the help of simulators. Both MCA and BE students were curious to know how digital information generated today is being managed and accessed as this information is generated by both individual (Photos, emails etc) and business (Medical reports, emails, identifying customer patterns, shipping tracking, banking patterns etc). Next day in the tour, students visited ISRO satellite center, Bangalore on Friday, 5th of August, 2011 about 11:00 AM with reference of Mr. Bhojraj, Group Director, ISRO satellite center, Bangalore. In overall visit we first went to ISRO satellite model gallery after receiving gate-entry pass from reception. There we saw various old models of satellites like Aryabhatt, Rohinietc, rocket fuel propellant, astronomical 3D images of India and satellite communication model. Then we saw restricted area from first gallery through glasses which was a laboratory where various scientists were working in special dress on satellite launch vehicles.
Mr. Venugopal also showed various movies in satellite model gallery in ISRO satellite center, Bangalore about various ISRO missions, he further added that ISRO has conducted a variety of operations for both Indian and foreign clients. ISRO’s satellite launch capability is mostly provided by indigenous launch vehicles and launch sites. In 2008, ISRO successfully launched its first lunar probe, Chandrayaan-1, while future plans include indigenous development of GSLV, manned space missions, further lunar exploration, and interplanetary probes. ISRO has several field installations as assets, and cooperates with the international community as a part of several bilateral and multilateral agreements.
Finally, we concluded Geopolitical and economic considerations during the 1960s and 1970s compelled India to initiate its own launch vehicle program. During the first phase (1960s-1970s) the country successfully developed a sounding rockets program, and by the 1980s, research had yielded the Satellite Launch Vehicle-3 and the more advanced Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle (ASLV), complete with operational supporting infrastructure. ISRO further applied its energies to the advancement of launch vehicle technology resulting in the creation of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) and Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) technologies.
We had a nice interaction with Mr. Venugopal as we asked various questions out of our curiosity that made our visit successful.
It was a memorable experience to all faculty members and students. Acropolis is in process of interacting various organization for decreasing the gap between industry and Academics.
These are the students who visited Bangalore:
S. No. Name of Student Class
1 Ruchi Gupta MCA
2 Madhavi Singh Gaur MCA
3 Roma Agrawal MCA
4 GauravSoni MCA
5 PradeepSoni MCA
6 Swati Jaiswal MCA
7 Anita Vishwakarma MCA
8 GarimaBarsaiya MCA
9 VaishaliAgrawal MCA
10 VipulSurana MCA
11 Vijay Sharma MCA
12 Sunil Kawadkar MCA
13 Rahul Ambhore BE (CS)
14 NikharMaheshwari BE (CS)
15 Nidhi Sharma BE (CS)
16 HussainPithewal BE (CS)
17 ArpitArya BE (CS)
18 Arpi shah BE (CS)
19 HimaniSinghai BE (CS)

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