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Industry Visit ( Hindustan Equipments Pvt Ltd, Bada Bangarda unit & Hindustam Euipment Sanwer unit)

Department                –                       MBA (AFMR)

Name of Event           –   Industry Visit(Hindustan Equipments Pvt Ltd, Bada Bangarda unit &                                                                   Hindustam  Euipment Sanwer unit)

Date of Event              –                     12/04/2017

Objective of Event     –                       Exposure to industry/shopfloor

Dignitaries Present                             -……

Coordinator (s)/Convener                – Prof. Juhi Kamakoty (Coordinator Kaizen Club )

Details of Participants: –                   – Sem 2 & Sem 4 students ( 120 students)

Write up giving highlights (not exceeding than 200 words)-

Acropolis strongly believes in supporting classroom teachings with  industry practices. The  abstract theories and concepts that are taught in the lectures are reinforced when the students see the practical implementation of the same in industries. Keeping up with the commitment to provide the  latest state of art education to our students , the institutes often complements  classroom teaching with industry  tours. In line with the same, an industrial visit had been organized for the students of MBA (Sem II and Sem IV Operation Stream) to Hindustan Equipments Pvt Ltd, Indore on  April 12, 2017. The company is an SME that manufactures a  wide range of agro equipments like-pellet machine, pellet machine dies, hammer mill, hammer mill conditioner etc.

The company operated from two locations, namely Sanwer road and Bada Bangarda. While the unit at Sanwer road was established in 2002, the other unit was established recently.The first set up had a traditional shopfloor with the quintessential machine-material ruffle, the newer unit had a enormous setup displaying the vision and the planning prowess of the management. It had a smart layout with high tech machinery and automation. The students were taken first to Sanwer plant and then to the other plant. It gave them good opportunity to learn about the contrast between the traditional and the modern practices in Operations.

During the visit, the students could see the enormity and the vastness of manufacturing operations . The  shopfloors were huge ,  with a number of hard core manufacturing machines like Laser cutter, CNC machines,miller, grinder, lathe, power press, shaper, slotter etc.  The  location,  infrastructure, layout, machines  and the material handling  equipments at the plant  reinforced the   concepts of   Operations Management in the mind of the students. They could relate to the  principles and theories of operations management more clearly when they saw it applied in the shopfloor. The visit not only  broadened their perspective  but at  the same time  reinforced their learning of Operations Management. The visit had been organised by Prof Juhi Kamakoty under the aegis of Kaizen club. Prof Naman Shrivastav also accompanied the students.

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