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Industry visit to Promed Lab Pvt. Ltd. 23 September 2017

Department                –                       MBA (AFMR)

Name of Event           –                       Industry visit  to Promed Lab Pvt. Ltd.

Date of Event              –                     Satday,  23rd Septemeber 2017

Objective of Event      –                   Exposure to Industry

Dignitaries Present    –

Coordinator                          –          Prof. Juhi Kamakoty       (Kaizen Club Coordinator)

Details of Participants: –                   MBA  Students (25)

Write up giving highlights (not exceeding than 200 words)-

Acropolis strongly believes that academic teaching should be supported by industrial exposure to give complete and consummate learning to the budding managers. In line with this philosophy yet another industrial endeavor was taken up to give practical lessons to the third semester students of Operations specialization. After having visited various industrial sectors ranging from core engineering to assembly line giants, this time a  tailored industrial itinerary was planned for the specialization students looking into their needs and interests.

The industry that the students visited was  Promed Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. producer of liquid orals, tablets and capsules. It was batch production unit with semi automated processes.  Every drug had a unique formula that required passing the  chemicals through boilers, mixers, crushers, dies, compressors  in a predefined sequence. The emphasis on quality was very apparent by the presence of well equipped Quality Control lab in the firm. Every formula had to go through the stringent quality checks at multiple stages during production, before it was finally packed for dispatch..

It was a great learning experience for students of Operation specialization as  they could understand the various operation dimensions like –  productivity, planning, layout, capacity utilization, automation, processes, m/c & equipments, quality assurance etc. in a pharma setup   . Despite of similarity in scale each firm   has unique operandi   that makes  it competitive and sustainable in the market. This was the intelligent lesson learnt by the students from the various industries that they have  visited. The visit was organized by Prof Juhi Kamakoty ,Kaizen Club Coordinator.

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