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Janamashtami Celebration – August 24, 2017

Objective of Event     –          To celebrate the birthday for Lord Krishna                                                     

Dignitaries Present                 –            Dr. Manish Mittal, Principal, AFMR and Faculty                                                                 members

Coordinator (s)/Convener    –           Dr. Pragya Jaroliya, Coordinator, Internal External Events                                                             AFMR

Details of Participants           –           Students of MBA I and III Semester

Acropolis Business School organized JANAMASHTAMI CELEBRATION for the MBA students of Semester I and III dated 24th August 2017. The event took place in the central Auditorium. To show the respect on the pious day of Lord Krishna’s birthday, the students came up with many performances based on Lord Krishna. They came up with group and solo dances and songs based on Krishna Leela. The skit was also prepared by the students highlighting the defeat of Kansa by Lord Krishna. The students participated with great enthusiasm. The overall coordination was done by Dr. Pragya Jaroliya. The event was hosted by MBA I Semester students – Sophia and Harshini.

Prepared by – Dr. Pragya Jaroliya

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