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Kaizen Blitz – March 10, 2016

Kaizen Blitz Report
Event of Kaizen Club – March 10th , Thursday, 2016
Kaizen Blitz an event of Kaizen Club had been organized in the institute on March 10th, 2 pm onwards. The event was an initiative of Kaizen Club members.  In order to enliven the college environment and break the monotony of regular books and classes, the students  promoted this mega event comprising of three contests where by giving opportunity for every student to get involved, participate and enjoy. The three activities that were a part of this event were –
  • Poster competition with theme ‘Make in India’
  • Crossword on Operations & Management
  • Soduko the number game
The theme of the poster competition was decided as ‘Make in India’ keeping in mind its cogency and relevance in the present scenario. There were about 16entries for this activity. The participants displayed great ideas and creativity on the canvas. It was delight to see the immense potential of youngsters . The winners in this activity were –DeepikaJoshi(first); Anil Meena & Dev Kumavat(second)
The activity crosswords was a craze among the students. As the format of the crossword was to solve 20 words in 30 minutes where the student was allowed to refer  to only one subject book, the students took it as an easy task. Soon they learned  that it call for pre reading the book and good time management tactics. Out of the almost100 participants the winners were – Vishal Joshi(first); Srishti Pathak(second)
The activity Soduko attracted participation from students who had affinity for maths.  The students were asked to solve two Sodukos in 30 minutes time, It was a great brain teaser for the students, never the less it was great to see them sportingly chasing the puzzle. There were about100contestants in this category, out of which the winners were- Akshay Jain(first); Harsh Luhadiya(second)
The  6 winners of Kaizen Blitz were awarded certificate of Kaizen Club for their ace performance. The students of Kaizen club who were involved in designing and executing the events were  given certificate of organization.
Another highlight of the Kaizen Blitz was the unveiling of the Kaizen Club Notice Board by the Director  ProfSandeep Singh. The notice board hence worth will be maintained by the Kaizen club students. It will display latests news, snaps, updates, happenings  at Kaizen club along with brain teasers and  relevant information.
Prof JuhiKamakoty
Faculty Coordinator
Kaizen Club

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