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Kaizen Blitz

Department                –                       MBA (AFMR)

Name of Event           –                       Kaizen Blitz (Kaizen Club Event)

Date of Event              –                     30/03/2017 (Thursday, 12:45-2:30 pm)

Objective of Event      –                    Reinforce OM learning and concept by making use of

                                                           “Learn by Fun”

Coordinator (s)/Convener                – Prof. Juhi Kamakoty       (Coordinator Kaizen Club)

Details of Participants: –                   – Sem 2 & Sem 4 students( Group Activity)


Kaizen Blitz an event of Kaizen Club had been organized in the institute on March 30th . The event was an initiative of Kaizen Club members.  In order to enliven the college environment and break the monotony of regular books and classes, the students  promoted this mega event comprising of three activities/ tasks,  giving opportunity for every student to get involved, participate and enjoy. The three activities that were a part of this event were –

  • Crossword on Operations Management (Puzzle)
  • Roadmap to your goal (Maze)
  • Search your company (Text Search)

The students were randomly divided into groups of six. Each group was then given a set of three activities which they were supposed to complete in a stipulated time line of 1 hour.  The winners were decided on the basis of summated score of the group on all the three activities.  The groups contested for first, second and third positions. Certificate as well as cash prizes were  given to the winners, to encourage them and motivate them by Principal Dr.Mainish Mittal. The students of Kaizen club who were involved in designing and executing the events were  given also given certificates to appreciate their contribution in the event. The contribution of Ravi Morya, Nupur Jadhav and Gauri Gautam ( all sem IV students) in planning and executing this event  was noteworthy. The entire faculty team of Kaizen club including Prof Vaishali M, Prof Vikas Jain and Prof Naman Shrivastav were actively involved in executing the event.

The event was a great brain teaser for the students, never the less it was great to see them sportingly chasing the puzzles. The fun driven event actually reinforced their learnings of the subject Operations and also honed their analytical skills.

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