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Kids on the Bricks(Team Building Activity) on November 30, 2017

Department                –                       MBA (AFMR)

Name of Event           –                       Kids on the Bricks(Team Building Activity)

Date of Event              –                     30/11/2017

Objective of Event     –           To give insights regarding various principles of management and    linking them to Team working.

Dignitaries Present                             -……

Coordinator (s)/Convener                – Dr Rajeshwari Gwal       (Coordinator : HR Club)

Details of Participants: –                   – Sem 1 & Sem 3 students

Write up giving highlights (not exceeding than 200 words)-


Getting good players is easy but getting them to play together is the hard part. It is less me and more we. The focus of HR Club-Sanmarg has always been on building a “Star Team” instead of a “team of Individual Stars”. To inculcate the spirit of team working, the club organized a team building activity-Kids on the Bricks– for students of MBA Semester 1 & 3 on November 30,2017.

Students in a team of 4 participated in the activity. Student volunteers exhibited effective shared leadership behavior. The members of each team demonstrated their maximum efficiency through team working. Students learned management principles of team work, coordination, unity of direction, planning and goal accomplishment. The activity also focused on the importance of time management while achieving goals. The best three teams were selected on the basis of the result achieved and the time management during the activity following the rules set for the game. Winners were given prizes and certificates. The event was co-ordinated by the HR Club Co-ordinator Dr Rajeshwari Gwal.

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