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Lighthon Thursday, Oct 17 ,2019

Department                                        –           MBA (AFMR)

Name of Event                                   –           Lighthon (Kaizen Club Activity)

Date of Event                                      –          Thursday, Oct 17 ,2019

Objective of Event                             –           Make students apply the basics of management &

Operations  (Mass production) to business .

Details of Guests with Designation  –

Dignitaries Present                             –

Coordinator (s)/Convener                –          Prof Juhi Kamakoty (Coordinator Kaizen Club)

Details of Participants                                   –           MBA  Students  (Sem 1 & Sem3)


Write up giving highlights

Festivities are in the air and crowd is all set in fun and frolic mood. The genre of  festival hungary opportunists  is out in the market  to pick up stuff to brighten  and light up  their surroundings.  A true businessman sees opportunity in every business and business in every opportunity. Kaizen club pitched on to this prevailing spirit and organized  the event  “Lightathon’’.  “Lightathon” a  run  towards brightness, prosperity and optimism in life.

A team based (10 members) event   where in teams need to make the specified product (Series lamp) exactly as the sample. Raw material  was  given  by the club. The teams  needed  to divide the members and work in such a way so  as to maximize production. The teams were judged on the basis of quality and quantity of product.Dr. Anshu Thakur was the judge of the event. Time for production was 45 minutes..

The team also had to map the process and the manpower deployed for  each process/step of mass manufacturing the sample product . The work to manpower ratio had to be computed. .

Certificates were given to the winner team. The students  enjoyed the activity and  dazzled the ambience with  bright lights and lamps.  The activity was conceptualized,designed  by Prof Juhi Kamakoty  and  conducted by the Kaizen team of faculty members  – Prof Vikas Jain ,  Prof Naman Shrivastav, Prof.Anand Bhat  and undersigned. A student volunteer team of about  30 students worked in synchronization to effectively execute the activity.  Few students-Tejas Gujrati, Prachi  Patni deserve a special mention in seamless execution of the event.

.Prepared by  :    Prof.  Juhi Kamakoty (Coordinator Kaizen Club)

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