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Management Games August 2014

Management Games August 2014
HR Club students played Management games with new entrants on August 27; 2014. Management games are a way to practise a management situation and eventually result in a more creative working method, pro-active behaviour, improved cooperation and a stronger team spirit.It helps student orient himself to various aspects and concepts of management.
Management Game (Jumbled Words) and Team Building (Roping Legs) activities were conducted by HR Club students to simulate environment for the newcomers. Students were briefed about the learning outcomes related to these activities and were made to understand important concepts through them.They learnt Ice-breakers, communication,  team (building & cooperation), team work ,leadereship and time management in fun-filled way.The students enjoyed playing management games. HR Club students were successful in fulfilling their roles to handhold and assisting in the acclimatization of the new entrants. Hr club students rendered their cooperation and showed good team spirit in fostering these new entrants appreciate management concepts in a practical way.

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