MBA Faculty Member

Dr. Manish Mittal, Principal

Ph. D. Management, M.M.S. (Finance), B.E.  (Chem)

Dr. Manish Mittal has 22 years of experience as corporate manager, faculty member and administrator which includes 6 years of Industrial experience (at Grasim Industries, Beta Naphthol, Rama Phosphates etc.) and 16 years of academic experience in teaching, training, research & consultancy at IPS Academy & Daly College Business School. He is Ph. D. guide at Banasthali University & Pacific University and 4 students are pursuing their doctoral research under his guidance. He has 8 International & 30 National papers to his credit. He has conducted 5 MDPs/FDPs and has attended many International & National conferences. His areas of research are Behavioral Finance, Investment Psychology, Banking and Corporate Finance.

Resume : Click Here

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