Director’s Message

Dr. Tarun Kushwaha

Dear Students,

Acropolis Faculty of Management & Research (AFMR)  is one of the top business schools of India and is ranked No.1 Emerging B-School of India as per AICTE-CII survey, 2014. We aim at providing student an enriching, life changing experience through a mix of theory & practical training to help them achieve great heights in their professional careers & become responsible and enlightened citizens of the modern world.

The personality of a person is influenced greatly by his/her environment. We at AFMR strive for a healthy environment which enables a student to learn as well as have fun through a mix of pedagogical tools which include lectures, tutorials, presentations, management quizzes, industrial tours, projects and other extracurricular activities. Today’s generation is exposed to multiple challenges both at professional & personal level which requires students to be learned as well as familiar with latest technology & business practices which is affordable and sustainable. Management education at Acropolis focuses on student minds, their thinking process, attitude and self awareness to create future managers with ability to capitalize on opportunities in the fierily competitive business environment and manage and create socially responsible and sustainable organization. The faculty members at AFMR are fully committed to provide students a right mix of industry-academic experience. They are devoted in their quest of creating and propagating knowledge through teaching, mentoring and research.

Education which is devoid of values has no relevance to society. The value system is inculcated in our students during the period of two years at the campus, not through forceful compliance but by making them understand the consequences of their actions on themselves and society. Students are encouraged to take up various service projects with the community around the campus which is mutually beneficial and learning experiences for both the students and the community. It broadens their horizon; make them understanding of each other’s needs and the importance of coexistence.

AFMR offers an unparalleled learning experience that will equip students with latest management techniques in the ever dynamic business environment and always guide them for the rest of their life. It is my pleasure to invite you to be part of this journey of discovery.

Dr. Tarun Kushwaha