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MDP on Biostatistics for Medical Professionals on July 19-20, 2022

Department                –                    MBA (AFMR)

Name of Event           –                   MDP on Biostatistics for Medical Professionals

Date of Event               –                 19th -20th July  2022 ( 9:30-4:00 pm)

Objective of Event      –               Research Promotion

Resourse Persons         –             Dr. Juhi Kamakoty, Dr. Vishal Geete , Dr.   Rajeshwari Gwal, Dr. Anand Bhatt, Dr. Arnav Chowdhury,                                                                          Dr. Payal Sharma

Coordinator (s)/Convener –   Dr. Juhi Kamakoty       (MDP Coordinator)

Details of Participants: –         35 Dental professionals( Government Dental College, Indore  )

An MDP  on  ‘Biostatistics for Medical Professionals’ was conducted  at Government Dental College, Indore (GDC) on  July 19th  and 20th 2022. There were about 35  participants from various departments of GDC  Indore.

The MDP  was   a two  day capsule course  specially designed keeping in mind the requirements of Dental  professionals.  While the first day  focused  on the Basics of research, Distribution and Hypothesis testing and t – test, the second   day  gave  some  insights  on research tools like- Regression , ANOVA, chi square , Bibliometric Analysis etc . The sessions were relayed one after the other, punctuated with tea and lunch breaks. All two  days the sessions were supplemented with  demonstration of  medical cases on  SPSS software. In   the end   certificate of participation were given to the participants. The resource persons for this workshop was   Dr. Juhi Kamakoty, Dr. Vishal Geete, Dr. Rajeshwari Gwal, Dr Anand Bhatt, Dr. Arnav Choudhary and Dr. Payal Sharma.  Hospitality and logistics support was  provided by  GDC.

The Workshop was sourced, designed and coordinated by Dr.  Juhi Kamakoty, the convenor of this workshop.

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