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National Energy Conservation Day Celebration (India) on December 14, 2021

Department: Institution’s Innovation Council – AFMR

Event: Poster Making Competition

Date of Event: December 16, 2021

Time of Event: 01:00 pm – 02: 30 pm

Venue: Respective Classrooms (Sectionwise)

Judges for the competition: Dr. Juhi Kamakoty and Dr. Anshu Thakur

Convener/Coordinator and Report prepared by: Prof. Snehal Phatak (Convener, IIC-AFMR)

Audience Profile: 1 faculty member and 243 Students of MBA Department.

Objective of the event: To emphasize the importance of saving Energy for future.

Event Report:

IIC – Acropolis Faculty of Management and Research (AFMR), Indore celebrated the National Energy Conservation Day (India) by hosting a Poster making competition. A team of maximum five to six members was allowed. This event was judged by Dr. Anshu Thakur and Dr. Juhi Kamakoty from the Management department.

Aligning with theme for the poster making “SAVE ENERGY FOR a BETTER TOMORROW”, the students were provided with one side used drawing sheets arranged from engineering department of AITR with the assistance of Dr. Prashant Geete. The students had to bring their own colours and stationery to participate in the competition. Students exhibited enthusiastic participation in the event.

Winning teams were awarded with cash prizes. The winning teams were:

1st: Piyushi jain, Kritika Nagwadia, Neha Bisen, Yash Jain, Rahul Bhawsar, Ayush Verma

2nd: Tanuj Poranik, Jayesh vani, Shriyanshi C, Jagrati Jadhav, Ritik Patidar and Zahara R

3rd: Sakshi Bagadiya, Dimple Badlani, Mahima Jat, Navnita Churmani, Mustafa Attari, Shreyas Pancholi

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students understood the importance of saving energy and reducing our reliance on non-renewable sources of energy (like fossil fuels).
  2. It improved their creative thinking ability.

1 2 3 Poster-16 Dec 2021

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