National Seminar on “Design of Wavelets and its Applications”

Acropolis Institute organizes two-day National Seminar on “Design of Wavelets and its Applications”

Indore, January 24, 2014: “To reduce the space, the signals are transformed into Wavelets. By transforming the signal representation the size can be decreased”, this was transpired by Prof. Aditya Abhyankar (Dean of Tech., University of Pune)during the two-day AICTE Sponsored National Seminar on “Design of Wavelets and its Applications” organized by Department of Electronics & Communication of Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research (AITR), Indore on 23rd and 24th January 2014.
The second speaker Prof. VM Gadre from IIT Bombay gave online lecture. He said high resolution gives high quality. Another speaker, Prof. Manesh Kokare (SGGSCET, Nanded, Maharashtra), spoke on Wavelets and its Applications in Content Based Image Retrival and also on Rotated wavelets. He said, “The use of the advanced signal analysis techniques is important for better understanding and correct interpretation of data.” Prof. Rajesh Bodade from NCTE Mhow spoke on Wavelets for biometrics: Strengths and Weaknesses.
Prof. Manish Sharma (HoD, EC dept., AITR) spoke on design of two channel wavelet filter banks, orthgonal and biorthgonal wavelet filter banks. Prof. Dinesh Bhati (AITR) provided lecture on Time Frequency Optimized Wavelets.
Welcome address was given by Prof. Manish Sharma (HoD, EC dept., AITR). The program was coordinated by and Vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. Dinesh Bhati. The seminar immensely helped the academicians, scientists and researchers to take the subject to the next higher level.
 Audience (1) Audience (2) Dignitaries on dias Prof_ Manesh Kokare (SGGSCET, Nanded, Maharashtra) (1)
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