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Orion Ball Race – 2/8/2017

Department/club                –  AFMR-HR Club Sanmarg

Name of Event           –           Orion Ball Race

Date of Event               –        2/8/2017

Objective of Event     –   To make students understand regarding optimization of group processes

Dignitaries Present       – Dr Manish Mittal

Coordinator(s)/Convenors     –    Dr Rajeshwari Gwal

Details of Participants: –        MBA Semester 1 (Batch:2017-19) & MBA Sem 3 (Batch:2016-18)

Details of the event( only 50-75 words)

HR Club –Sanmarg organized a Team Building activity Orion Ball Race during the Induction Programme  Aarohan for the new entrants of MBA (Batch :2017-19).Teams of 3 new entrants were formed where their interpersonal interactions guided  them towards the achievement of goal by choosing appropriate acts and based on the time management three teams were selected as winners. The objective was to make students understand that group working involves difficulties and limitations including slowed decision making, conflicts ,less than full participation and so on. Thus for optimizing group processes and outcomes and benefitting from group membership requires systematic efforts to ensure that group works effectively.

The activity was coordinated by the Club co-ordinator Dr Rajeshwari Gwal.

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