Other Activities of Women cell

Seminar on stress management :-
The art of living community and women cell conducted seminar on stress management on 23d September 2010- The seminar was enlightened by “Didi” Sujata Bansal. She was heartily HOD welcomed by our Dr. Mrs. Mona Nagar and M.C.A HOD Mrs. Shilpa Bhalrao. “Didi” Sujata Bansal emphasized on the ABC (awareness, belongingness, commitment) of our life and asked our students and faculty members to be self aware and enlightened about themselves and the environment they are in. The seminar turned out to be very vibrant and enriching touching many students out of their fears and stress in There lives.

Seminar On Banking & Investment Planning :-
Women Cell Acropolis organized a seminar on “Banking & Investment planning” on l2thAugust at AITR. We were privileged to have Mr. Tarun Mahajan, a renowned Chartered Accountant of Indore, as the speaker. The session started with a floral welcome by the Principal, AITR Dr. Kamal Bharani followed by a brief introduction of the speaker by Mrs. Sumitra Joshi. He told about the importance of savings for today and tomorrow” The Key topics covered during his presentation were Investment avenues in Market, Market Risk, Selection of Investment Plans, Insurance policies, ETF etc. Seminar was extremely beneficial & interactive where Mr. Tarun Mahajan interacted with the audience and discussed about their investment plans and tax related concerns. The program ended with vote of thanks by Ms.Kirti Pancholi and memento by Dr. Mona Nagar, HOD Pharmacy .IV DSC03585 DSC03588 DSC03589

Seminar on Diet and Nuturation

On the occasion of National nutrition month a Seminar on Diet and Nutrition has been conducted by Acro women cell on 25th March 2011. The seminar was enlightened by “Mr.-Amit Sharma” (Dietitian and owner of RAy Gym and pain Management Clinic Indore) He was heartily welcomed by Principal AITR Mr. M. D. Agrawat, CEO AITR Prof. M.K. Dubey and H.O.D. AIPER Dr. Mrs. Mona Nagar.
Mr. Amit Sharma emphasized on “what to eat and how to eat” and also recommended following points to students and staff members:
  • Stop taking Packaged food.
  • Get at  least eight hou6 of sleep a night. Lack of sleeps affects one’s ability to concentrate and makes one feel tired. Sleep deprivation also seems to be connected with weight problems.
  • Avoid skipping meals. When a meal is skipped, the subsequent hunger may cause one to overeat.
  • Eat breakfast, which helps concentration and increases the likelihood of consuming calcium, folic acid, and vitamin C. These nutrients are often low in the diet of college students.
  • Drink water and eat fruit throughout the day. Water is calorie-free and fruits help manage urges to eat and contribute fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Exercise regularly. Physical activity helps burn off calories, helps manage stress, and promotes mental and Physical stamina.
  • Try the low-calorie, low-fat, and vegetarian options available around campus. As part of a well planned diet, these items can help manage total energy intake and introduce one to items that can become Part of a regular diet.
  • Keep low-fat and low-calorie snacks in the dorm room. This will help manage calorie intake when snacking, especially when eating late at night’
The seminar was ended with vote of thanks by Mrs. Pushpa Pathak Reader MCA Dept AITR.

The wornen cell organized a health camp

The women cell has organized the health camp on dated 4th June 2011 by First year B. Pharmacy student in AITR campus. The camp involves determination of Weight, Height, Body mass Index (BMI), Blood Pressure, Blood Group, Hemoglobin content including oxygen carrying capacity and color Index of around 100 members of Acropolis Family. It involves Teaching as well as Non- teaching members including college bus Drivers. The camp activity also involves the details of the medications as well as profession of each individual. The camp was organized under the Guidance of Dr. Mona Nagar, HOD, in association with Miss. Aarti V. Zambare Asst. Professor, with the support of Mrs. Devita Soni, Lab Technician, AIPER,Indore

 Awareness program on Thalassemia conducted by women cell

Thalassemia campaign was conducted by women cell Acropolis with Thalassemia and child welfare Group lndore. Faculty and students from all branches of Acropolis attended the thalassemia campaign. Dr. Rajni Bhandari the president of the trust gave an introductory speech about the organization after which Dr. Kishore Chandki gave a short session about the disease itself making us known to the dangers and complications of the disease as such” Dr. Bhandari appealed to the students to participate in blood donation camps which become a great help for the disease born to live she expressed immense support to the youth power but also asked us to carry out thalassemia carrier test before marriage’s to avoid a dangerous disease in the future generation. At present the trust donates and carries out treatment for it 266 enrolled patients in lndore at 25 percent discount rates. The session helped us a lot to know and to take needful steps to attend to the problems.