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Portfolio Design for Startups Feb 2013

The NEN Club & Finance Club of Acropolis has organized an activity named Portfolio Designing for Start Ups. A competition was conducted in which a case was given to students. Case was about a new venture which needs to be set up and students have to design a Portfolio of investments for the venture. The activity was designed as to give students new insights about the portfolio designing for a company where there is a need to maintain liquidity & safety in investments. Portfolio designing for a person who has excess funds to save is a easy task but portfolio designing for a new business is a challenging task. Students prepared a financial plan for the company and the parts of the earnings of the venture were reinvested in stock market in order to earn more returns. There were 5 teams consisting of 2 team members in each team. One hour was allotted to prepare a plan and in next one hour teams were ready with presentation of 15 minutes each. The competition was judged by a Prof. of Finance Dr.AnshuJaisinghani. She in her feedback told students that while preparing a financial plan, feasibility of the plan is to be checked which should be stressed upon. Also many financial concepts could have been applied. But in all according to her the activity was beneficial for students as it gave practical approach towards theoretical concepts.

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