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Relevance of Operations in Business

Expert talk on “Relevance of Operations in Business”
Date: 21 April 2015
 Mr Yogesh Jain
  Director, Niche Quality Solution
Report of Expert talk
A guest lecture had been organized  on April 21, 2015 under the umbrella of Operations Management for Management students of semester II.  Mr Yogesh Jain, Director, Niche Quality Solutions, Indore, was the expert who delivered his talk  on ‘Relevance of Operations in Business’. Since the business scenario of today is dominated by competition, it is important for the learners to construe the relevance  of operations management  in building competitiveness  in  business. Mr.  Yogesh Jain who himself is an engineer, spoke on the operational nuances of business and related it to finance & commercials. In order to develop competitiveness in business it required to balance this trio. The expert  gave useful insights to the student on productivity, efficiency and effectiveness  in business and highlighted their importance in developing sustainable operational management.
Operations management is a subject that students study as a part of their curriculum in MBA sem II. The expert talk was organized to reinforce their class room learnings with lessons from  the industry practitioners  so as to broaden their perspective in operations management. The purpose of the talk was to give conceptual clarity to the students about how operation fits in business and business fits in operations. It will help the students in making choices about their specialization in MBA.  The expert talk was organized by  Prof Juhi Kamakoty, Area Chair, Operations.

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