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Roping Legs (Team Building Activity) on Thursday, 29th August, 2019

Department                –           MBA (AFMR)

Name of Event           –           Roping Legs (Team Building Activity)

Date of Event               –         Thursday, 29th  August, 2019

Objective of Event     –  To emphasize group communication, cooperation, leadership and membership, patience and problem-solving


Details of Guests with Designation  –  NA

Dignitaries Present                 –          Dr Manish Mittal

Coordinator (s)/Convener    – Dr. Rajeshwari Gwal  (Coordinator HR Club-Sanmarg )

Details of Participants           –           MBA  Students (Semester 1 & 3)

Achievements (if any)           –

Write up giving highlights

Teams don’t work well without teamwork. Teamwork is important for the success of any endeavor. To have a meaningful and lifelong career, you need to work well with others which is why teamwork is so important in the professional world.

To foster the significance of team-building skills,HR Club –Sanmarg organized a Team Building activity –Roping Legs – on August 29th,2019 for new MBA entrants.

Roping Legs is a team-building activity in which group members need to support each other in a task to move from one end of a space to another. It requires working together creatively and strategically in order to solve a practical, physical difficulty. The activity tends to emphasize group communication, cooperation, leadership and membership, patience and problem-solving.


Student volunteers of MBA (2nd Year) efficiently planned and implemented the activity demonstrating their leadership skills while focusing on the importance of working in a team .

New entrants participated in a team of 8 and did their utmost for team efficiency and effectiveness under the guidance of student volunteers who exhibited effective shared leadership behavior. The best three teams were selected on the basis of the results achieved and the time management during the activity following the rules set for the game. Winners were given certificates. The event was co-ordinated by the HR faculty members Dr Rajeshwari Gwal ,Dr Anshu Thakur and Dr Prachi Sharma.


Prepared by (Name)         Dr. Rajeshwari Gwal

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