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Session on Prototype Design and Development on June 10, 2022.

Academic Year : 2021 – 22

Activity in Quarter : IIIrd Quarter

Program Type : Guest lecture

Program Theme : Prototype/ process design and development –  prototyping

Name of the Speaker : Dr. C Ram Kumar, MHRD IIC convener and innovation ambassador, Associate professor BME. , Dr. NGP Institute of Technology , Coimbtore .

Start Date : 10/06/2022

End Date : 10/06/2022

Program Duration (In mins) : 90 minutes

Time of the event: 1 p.m. – 2:30  p.m.

Number of Students Participants:  61  students

Mode of Session delivery : Online


Objectives:  To help students gain comprehension and exposure about Prototyping

And how to  prepare it.

A  Guest Lecture was organized in MBA Department by IIC on process design and development prototyping  . The explanatory session  was delivered by Dr. C Ram Kumar ,

He started his session on entrepreneurship and why are you interested in entrepreneurship then they told about difference between business and startup and then explain what is prototype and how to prototype.  The session was in organised way  and  The expert talk eventually ended opening up new horizons for the students.

Faculty members and the students  got mesmerized by the way he presented the session.

Benefit in terms of learning/Skill/Knowledge Obtained :

The session provided a brief understanding and insight on :

  1. a) Why are you interested in entrepreneurship.
  2. b) Equation of a startup.
  3. c) Startup reality.
  4. d) Difference between business and startup.
  5. e) What is prototyping.
  6. f) How to prototype.

* Build

* Test

* Correct

* Repeat

  1. g) Goals of prototyping .

Faculty Coordinator: Shilpi Sukhani

IMG-20220610-WA0063 IMG-20220610-WA0069

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