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The educational reform of linking technical education with industry has been amongst important educational innovations undertaken in this country. Education planners in India have been engaged in the task of bringing about a proper match between technical education and the needs of the industry; it is in the context that schemes such as practice school programmes, sandwich programmes and co-operative programmes have been introduced n the system of technical education.

The Government has initiated major economic reforms and changes in the industrial policy since July 1991. Liberalization and globalization of the Indian economy will call for the adoption of latest technologies and practices in various sectors. In the face of these swift changes, human resource development assumes a central place in our scheme of things.

Technical manpower will have to meet the pressures of improved quality; reduced response times, seeking and sustaining new markets on one hand, and reduced Government interventions on the other. This calls for collaboration between the technical educations and the industry in programme design, their implementation and evaluation.