The inaugural ceremony of Industrial Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC) was organized under the aegis of Acropolis Institute of Technology & Research: Faculty of Management Studies, Indore on 24th July 2010, Saturday.  The institute has formed this cell with an aim to reduce the gap between the industry expectations (practice) and academic offering (theory) by direct involvement of industry to attain a symbiosis. On the occasion of inaugural ceremony, Shri Sunil Chordia, Managing Director, Rajratan Global Wire Limited, India, Rajratan Thai Wire Co. Ltd. Thailand, and President, Indore Management Association, was invited as the Chief Guest and Shri N. Mujumdar, Chief Managing Director, NCM –SHOAVA Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Rau was invited as Guest of Honor. Shri Chordia addressed that such activities initiated by educational institute is really going to be beneficial for students’ future.

The inaugural session was followed by one day Management Development Programme on the topic “Team Building”. The MDP was attended by 10 participants who have come from NCM–SHOAVA Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Rau. The MDP was organized under the rich experience & guidance of Prof. Sumer S. Yadav, Director, Acropolis Faculty of Management & Research, Indore, with an aim “To Enhance Efficiency & Productivity through Team Work”. The session was designed to fulfill following objectives:

  • Creating understanding & importance of team work.
  • To make them understand the role of interpersonal communication in team working.
  • To make them understand the team leaders role more effectively.
  • To make them understand the team members role more effectively.
  • To demonstrate them better results through team working.

The session so designed was the combination of theoretical knowledge & practical exercises i.e. “learning by doing”. The topics covered in the sessions Difference between Team & Group, Team Types, Matching types of team to tasks Why to work in a Team, Leading team & cultural difference, Identifying key roles within teams, Establishing team trust & maximizing performance, Improving team efficiency, Communicating & networking a team and Measuring performance of teams & members. The exercises conducted to cover the following topics were- Identifying communication barrier & ways to improve in a team, Helium Stick, the Mine & the Treasure field, and Broken Square. The institute will also provide 30 days assistance to participants online if they have any queries in their working. The session ended up with distribution of certificate by Shri Neeraj Mujumdar, CEO, NCM –SHOAVA Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Rau & Shri Gaurav Sojatia, Chairman, Acropolis Institute of Technology & Research, Indore.