The institute has fully developed laboratories for practicals and experiments to supplement and enrich the class room teaching.


Computer lab is equipped with DELL computers of latest configuration with 17″ flat panel TFT monitors, the first in central India and newer software versions. The institute has set up Wi-Fi (wireless network) zones in the campus for convenient laptop operation and ergonomic computer clusters having hi-speed broad internet connectivity. The main objective of the computer lab is imparting high quality job oriented technical education in the field of computer software, hardware, networking, etc. in tune with emerging new technologies. We have AcroID’s for each student with IMR space.



Electrical lab is fully equipped with all the practicals as prescribed by R.G.P.V. It contains instruments like 3 phase induction motor, DC shunt motor, transformer, single phase induction motor, DC shunt generator along with all the trainer boards for performing practicals on single phase circuits.



Physics Lab Department of physics has well equipped instruments with latest technology. Ray optics and light experiments like Freshnal’s Byprism, Newton’s Ring, Diode Laser, Nodal Slide, etc. are performed in specially designed dark room.



Study of Junchow Diode, Zena Diode, transistors, emf of cells, frequency of AC mains is done with the help of modern equipments.
Study of nanocrystalline materials, polymeric thin films, semi conductors is the future prospect of Physics Lab. The research will be carried on in collaboration with DAE, BARC, NPL, IUC Indore, CAT, Universal Teaching and Research Departments.



Chemistry Lab For those having a knack for action and reaction and a wish to become a pass of public health system, we have established a well designed chemistry lab with latest quality instruments and chemicals



Civil Engineering & Engg. Mechanics Lab Design, estimating, drawing, construction and structures are core subjects for an Engineer. To meet all these needs, we have well furnished civil lab, having instruments for surveying, levelling, calculation of material strength, etc. Laws of physical bodies like fly wheel, pulleys, beam, different type of axle are available in the engineering mechanics laboratory.



Mechanical Workshop The institute has excellent workshop facilities for designing and fabrication of equipments. It has various sections like carpentary, fitting, foundary, welding, machine shop, etc. The latest equipments are being added to the mechanical engineering workshop with Lath Machines, Drill Machines, Electrical Furnace, etc. Central workshop of the institute is fully equipped for enhancing student’s skill. All the machines and tools in workshop are from latest available technology.