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Strategic Planning of Product – Mr. Anil Kale (2 April 2016)

Report on Expert Talk: Strategic Planning of Product
Date : 2/4/2016            Time: 12:30- 2:00 pm
To churn out  the best quality humanware  that befits the industry, academia need to centrifuge with industry. Academia establishes theories, Industry propagates practices. To  ingrain  sound theory and   contemporary practices in the students , education  cannot be restricted to  the four walls of classroom. Either students go to the industry or the industry comes to the students. At Acropolis (North Campus) we practice both in the form of industrial visits and expert talk.
In order to connect  the theories  with the practices  of Management an   expert talk had been organized by AFMR/AITR(MBA) , Indore  on ‘Strategic Planning of Products’. The resource person for this talk was Er Anil Kale, Head Product Innovation  (VECV, Pithampur).  Mr Kale discussed the product launching strategy with the students. In his exhaustive discourse he touched upon the topic right from the product idea  to the product commercialization in the market, elaborating each phase in between . In his talk he gave useful practical insights to the student about product launch and  at the same time seamlessly related to it to the theories thought in the classroom. Students could actually realize how the Porter Lawler model that they have actually learnt in classes, is useful while product launching.
His speech was full of practical deliberations and wisdom acquired by  him over time. It added the necessary perspicacity that is often required to put  theory to practice.   Very cogently and subtly he highlighted to the students that the philosophies that they acquire in the class room, actually are,  practiced out there  in the field. There cannot be good practice unless there is good philosophy. He winded his engrossing speech on the dimension of ‘Innovation’, leaving the sastudents , hungry for more.

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