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Team Building Activities on Friday, 18 August, 2018

Department                –           MBA (AFMR)

Name of Event           –           Team Building Activity

Date of Event              –         Friday, 18th August, 2018

Objective of Event     –         For bonding and rapport building amongst the new entrants

Details of Guests with Designation  –  NA

Dignitaries Present                 –          Dr Manish Mittal

Coordinator (s)/Convener    – Dr. Rajeshwari Gwal  (Coordinator HR Club-Sanmarg )

Details of Participants           –           MBA  Students (Semester 1)

Achievements (if any)           –

Write up giving highlights


HR Club strives to encourage students to learn the dynamics of an organization. In order to strengthen the bonding and rapport building in the new entrants of MBA Semester 1,the club organized events on August 18,2018 to achieve the stated objectives:

Activity 1: The risk of taking risk

Rather than avoiding risk,take intelligent risk.It will give you a competitive edge.Gamers are risk takers.In this activity students were divided into teams of 5 members and were asked to play the game as instructed. Three chances were give to each member of the team and their scores were totaled. Two chances were given to all the teams. 5 teams with maximum score were again made to play and first 3 teams were finally selected and awarded.

The main motive was to establish bonding and communication amongst the new students.

Activity 2 : Haha Hoho Hihi

This was just a fun activity in which students were asked to speak these words i.e Haha Hoho Hihi in sequence without giving any facial expression. The objective was to make the students focus on the  concentration and listening skills and understand their importance.

 Activity 3: Apple Banana Orange 

A fun filled activity with lots of confusion where students have to make a move according to the instructions. The main purpose was to realize the magnitude of attentive listening and attentiveness amongst the students.

Students of Semester 3 volunteered the activities.The event was co-ordinated by the HR Club Co-ordinator Dr Rajeshwari Gwal


Prepared by (Name)          Dr. Rajeshwari Gwal

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