Techfest Green Campus Challenge (TGCC)

Acropolis Campus goes green

Indore, September 13, 2012: Team comprising of 8 students of Acropolis Institute of Technology & Research (AITR), Indore with their captain Ashutosh Sangamnerkar is participating in IIT-Bombay Techfest. The final competition will commence from January 03-05, 2013. Registered teams in this competition will have to undergo various tasks within the months from September 2012 to December 2012 and will be awarded points based on their performance. The team with highest points will grab first prize in January 2013.

Acro students have recently participated in Techfest Green Campus Challenge (TGCC) which had activities ranging from conducting a quiz, plantation drive program, recycling waste to setting up a rain harvesting system etc. Looking after the various domains of TGCC, Acro students have taken some eco-friendly initiatives and had conducted a plantation drive, 3 days awareness program in green building by GRIHA, Rain Water Harvesting Awareness Program and Eco-Mansion within the campus. Conducting these activities they have very well created awareness as well as applied practical solution to the existing problems of the environment.

The Acropolis Campus has become more green post this task, with the tremendous efforts of the Acro team. They have very well fulfilled what TGCC task have asked for.
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