Vice-Chairman’s (Academics) Message

Vice-Chairman’s (Academics) Message

There is no denying the fact that education adds finesse to our personality making us nobler and more refined. It acts as a catalytic agent accelerating advancement in technology, enriching our lives and making it infinitely easier.

Today, we live in an era of incredibly rapid technological change. Technology has dominated our lives and we now have the ever evolving technology at our finger tips.

The technological developments are creating and will create a plethora of career opportunities. Therefore, it is imperative that educational institutions like ours brace themselves to face challenges, identify future technologies, fulfill the demand of future employability and prepare courses to impart education in these technologies.

Acropolis is presently imparting education to its students with this mission. The Institute is unequivocally committed towards quality education sustained through discipline and creative approach. This holistic approach not only stimulates innovation but also enables   our students and the society to grow for the better.

With a firm foundation of the past and high hopes for a bright future, I wish everyone good luck and prosperity ahead. May we grow many technological wings !


Dr Shamsher Singh

Vice-Chairman (Academics)