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Workshop on “Basics of Digital Photography” , 19 September 2015

Report on workshop on “Basics of Digital Photography”
                                                     Resource Person: Mr Alex Kutty                                                              
Date : September 19, 2015 Saturday                                                                                                        Time: 2-4pm
‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. We don’t want our Jacks and Jennys to be dull or inert. Inorder to break their monotonous routine and bring some change in their lives, a workshop was organized at Acropolis on ‘Basics of Digital Photography’ by the MBA wing. The resource person for the workshop was Mr. Alex Kutty. Mr Alex Kutty, nurtures a passion for photography from his early years  owing to which he had mastered the various nuances of the skill. He has  conducted many such workshop and trainings  for the amateur photographers or for people who indulge in photography as a leisure time activity. Mr. Alex illuminated and oriented the audience towards   the parlance of photography. He developed various insights on photography  and shared various tricks of the trade.  It was a great learning experience and first of its kind for the budding photographers of Acropolis. The  session was mostly  interactive, interspersed with power point preseantations.  The workshop not only stoked the passion for photography in our students but  the resource person also encouraged the students to form a hobby club  to  nurture their  spectrum of interest. The students were also provided  guidance on how they can take their hobby at national and international levels by participating in various contests.
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