Principal’s Message1



You all know that we enjoy a reputation for being a highly supportive and friendly institute, a place where our students and staff feel valued and respected. If we look back and analyze, what has gone into making it to the current extent, it is Vision of our leadership which has directed all effort towards achieving this vision to some extent.

Moreover, we have an excellent combination of industry professionals and academicians on our faculty, who provide a holistic view of the nuances of engineering operations to our students.

A good engineer is an acquisition for any industry. It is not merely education or technical ability makes a competent engineer but the capability -a virtue of sorts-makes him obtain most astonishing results from the resources at his disposal. Conscientious work by leadership in the institute is aimed at increasing the capability of our students so as to make them a national resource.

The Institute firmly believes that its graduate is an emissary to the engineering industry, and so, there are no efforts spared to ensure that you will have the benefit of a ‘Complete Engineer ‘ working for you. Our mission is to provide high quality education and training that adds value to people’s lives.

We endeavor to equip our graduates with both technical knowledge and skills, at the same time honing their management talent, so that they may contribute to the industry, while achieving excellence as professionals. They then go on to perform successfully as Engineers in varied industries.

It’s our intention that by working together you will graduate with your qualification and the prospect of a good or better job, to the enormous pride of you and your family.

Dr. Kamal Bharani,
Principal, AITR

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