Acropolis Group celebrates Joy of Giving Week

Indore, October 11, 2013:

Acropolis Group celebrated the ‘Joy of Giving Week’ from 2nd to 9th October, 2013. During this week, the Yi (Young Indians) student chapter at Acropolis under the guidance of Prof. Atul N. Bharat, Director, Career Development Cell (CDC) and Ms. Anupama Modi, Manager, Yi student chapter at Acropolis took various initiatives for the betterment of underprivileged in the society.
The major initiative taken was ‘Mission Blackboard’. Through this mission, Acropolis group tried to collect as much money as possible to donate blackboards to some small schools to help them make their educating facilities better. An appreciable amount of about Rs. 20000 is collected which will soon be used to purchase blackboards for some underdeveloped schools in Indore.
Another worthy initiative taken was to place the ‘Joy of Giving’ donation boxes. For this the Acro students placed hand-crafted donation boxes for collecting clothes, eatables, stationary, etc. for the underprivileged mentally and physically challenged kids who are part of various NGOs in Indore.
On the final day of the ‘Joy of Giving Week’, the Acropolis group celebrated ‘Joy Fest 2013’. In this event, the Yi student chapter at Acropolis organized cultural programs for the physically and mentally challenged kids coming from four NGOs that were ‘Shree Shree Utkarsh Samiti’, ‘Indore Diocese Social Service Society (IDSSS)’, ‘Shree YughPurushdham’ and ‘Indore Society of Mentally Retarded (ISMR)’.
Acropolis Group buses were sent with volunteers to pick up the kids from their respective NGOs in the morning by 9 am. The event took start with Ganesh Vandana and lamp lighting by the director of CDC cell, Prof. Atul N. Bharat and the Director of Acropolis Technical Campus, Dr. S.C. Sharma. Then the masters of ceremony, Ms. Kamna Sharma and Ms. Mini Jain initiated the proceedings with a welcome note.
The programs started with a cheerful dance performance by Hritik Sadhu from ISMR, followed with poem recitation by Rohit from IDSSS. After this, three members from Shree Shree Utkarsh Samiti came for drawing their imaginations on the paper. The enthusiasm in them for this was applauded by everyone present in the auditorium. A physically challenged kid, Amar, from Shree Yughpurushdham whose legs were completely non-functional came up to the stage and demonstrated ‘shirshaasan’, a yogic exercise, which left everyone awestruck. After this, many kids from all the NGOs came in front to show their hidden talents.
A group of students of engineering also presented a beautiful song for the kids. The cultural programs concluded with a ‘robotic’ dance performance by Utkarsh, student of CSE 3rd year, after which no one could stop themselves from coming on to the stage and dance. Kids were facilitated with food and beverages as well.
The goal that the Acropolis group tried to achieve through the ‘Joy of Giving Week’ was to help the needy people, especially kids by putting some small but necessary steps forward so as to spread goodwill and happiness amongst the underprivileged who deserve to be treated with kindness and equality.
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