Acropolis Group conducts Plantation Drive

Group initiated new trend to welcome 1st year students with plantation drive Students took oath to adopt their respective saplings More than 400 saplings were planted

Indore, July 22, 2013:

With the motive of spreading awareness for environment conservation and welcoming new batch of students, Young Indian Chapter Acropolis in association with CII Yi Indore Chapter and Scientech Technologies Pvt. Ltd.organized plantation drive at Ralamandal situated Acropolis Technical Campus (ATC), Indore and Manglia situated Acropolis Institute of Technology & Research (AITR), Indore on Monday wherein more than 400 saplings were planted in both the campuses.
The main objective of organizing plantation drive was the new initiative taken by the group to welcome 1st year students. These students will be responsible to take care of their respective sapling during their tenure in campus. After their tenure, the students will pass on the saplings to the next entering new batch.
There was a zeal witnessed during the drive among the newly entered students of Acropolis as they took an oath to adopt the saplings. All the students together proliferated more greenery within the campus. Through these environmental friendly activities, Acropolis Group has provided their priceless contribution in making the environment beautiful. Acropolis Group with this move has generated a strong precedent and thus has contributed in environment conservation.
The saplings were planted by Mr. Geetesh Saraf, Chair Yi Indore, MD of Scientech Technologies- Mr. Amrish Kela, Chairman BOG – Shri Ashok Sojatia, Dr. MD Agrawal (Director, AITR), Mr. MK Dube (CEO, AITR), Dr. Kamal Bharani (Principal, AITR), Prof. Atul N Bharat (Group Director, Career Development Cell), Dr. SC Sharma (Director, ATC), Dr. BM Singhi (Director Academics, ATC), Dr. Prashant Gupta (Director Management, ATC), the Head of Department and faculties of all the departments and the students.
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