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Acropolis Women Cell organizes campaign “COLLEGE CHALE HUM”

College Chale Hum Campaign

Acropolis Women Cell had taken an inspirational initiative to enlighten the government school students of village “Dacochia” with the working of computer. The motto of this  campaign was to create awareness about computer technology among the growing youth of India.

                       We,(students and faculties) members of AWC (Acropolis Women Cell) of Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research taught them to work on Microsoft Word and Paint. We also made them reach and experience the corners of the world through Internet. We also created a healthy competitive spirit among the students and awarded them with trophies and certificates according to the gravity of their performance. The workshop used to take place every Tuesday since 24th Febthrough the month and ended successfully on 31st march . The experienced gained both by the faculties and the students was absolutely delightful and emotional as their were tears in everybodies eyes.Student Volunteers showed an example of perfect understanding , discipline and coordination  namely Aditi Sengar, Meghna Mittal , Ayushi Gaur, Shruti jain, Surbhi Verma, Sneha sabnani , Heeram sheikh , Neha Gandhe and Drishti shashtri under the gudance of the faculty volunteers namely ..

                        Through this campaign the saying “knowledge gets multiplied when divided ” got stated true and every1 cherished the spirit of the AWC team .

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