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Act & Guess -Financial Dumb Charades on 13th September 2018

Department                           :                      MBA

 Name of Event                       :                       “Act & Guess -Financial Dumb Charades”

Date of Event                         :                       13th September 2018

Objective of Event                   :                   Generating creative and innovative thinking of the students in the stream of finance and familiarizing them with various financial terms.

Details of Judges                   :                       Score based event

Dignitaries Present                :                      MBA Faculty Members

Coordinator/Convener         :                      Dr. Pooja Talreja

Details of Participants           :                     Participant’s Detail:-

  • No. of participants      :
  • 40 Participants comprising of 20 teams

Achievements                         :                       Winner’s detail

  • Winner Simran Sharma and Bhupesh Sundarani

Write up giving highlights    :

Learning about money and finance does not have to be dull and boring. It can be fun and engaging. With this view, department of MBA at Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research, Indore under the aegis of Finance club has organized an event cum competition named as “Act & Guess” on 13th September 2018.

The activity was named as financial Dumb-charades in which there were 2 persons in a team. 20 teams participated in the event selected on first come and first serve basis. Out of the two persons in a team one was supposed to pick the chit randomly from the bowl and tried to act on the given financial term and the other Participants has to guess maximum possible terms within the stipulated time period of three minutes. The second person as per rules of the game can ask maximum 5 related questions to come to the correct answer and the first person can answer the clue question in only yes or no.  As a part of learning and inspirational policy of the club, winners have been awarded with cash prizes and gift hampers.

This fun filled activity witnessed an enthusiastic participation of all the students.

Prepared by               :           Dr. Pooja Talreja

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