Applied Science Department

Applied Science Department

Applied Sciences & Humanities Department includes following sub departments:

  • Engg. Physics
  • Engg. Chemistry
  • Engg. Mathematics
  • Communication Skills

Engg. Mathematics

Applied Mathematics Department concentrates on developing students mathematical skills, which matches with the competency level required in their core technical streams. The faculties of this department are highly experienced and they have set the trends in pursuing quality research at abstract and concrete level. A number of research publications appear in the journal at national and international level. Optimization Theory and Wavelets are main topics of the research.

Engg. Chemistry

Engg. Chemistry department demonstrates a broad knowledge and critical reasoning & the requisite quantitative skills in seeking solutions in the field of engineering chemistry. The department also avails various extra ordinary facilities like water testing unit, testing of diesel quality, water distillation unit & fire extinguisher. The department has active faculty members associated with Drug Designing research.

Engg. Physics

The Engineering Physics Department has provided the experiments on all topics related to their theory subject. The department has state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for the better understanding of the physics. The department has active faculty members associates to cutting edge research on Nano Sciences.

Communication Skills

To sculpt the personality of young scholars with the chisel of values and wisdom; to condition their minds with optimistic thinking and to elevate their vision to the highest echelon of knowledge is the chief motive of this department. To carry out our goals effectively we have facilitated the students with a platform where they can recognize and utilize their hidden potential. A marvelous and promising package is designed to ensure a bright future. The training sessions include frequent visits to language lab, oral presentation, confidence building, group discussions, role plays, resume preparation and tips to face interviews. Our quest for further improvement is still on.