The race of perfection never ends. We at Acropolis learn management not only technologies but thought that go on to became beliefs of tomorrow. ARDOR-2011 is Acropolis earnest endeavor to showcase the fabric of talent adorned with the tapestry of spirit among the students through a wide range of innovative and fun filled activities. Ardor’11 named “Acro-Parinde” with theme Inspiration to wings. The main objective of bring out this function is to provide a platform through which students share their aspirations, emotional, talents and inventive capabilities.

The six days glittering and exciting annual function named ARDOR-2011 rejuvenated the surroundings and gathering of the Acropolis. The six days event ARDOR-2011 filled in the spirit of healthy competition, co-operation, and event management.

Great preparations were made for it several days before the fixed date. The green rooms, conference hall, were all the time buzzing with the rehearsals and practical activities of the participating students. Amongst several committees the members of the audition committee were actively involved with the rehearsals to showcase the talent of the students in the best way.

To show case the talent and to provide platform to the talented students the six days were planned in an organized manner. The first three days had flair of activities like kavi sammellan, shayari, skits, rangoli competition, Face Painting, collage competitionand these humor filled activities were not only appreciated but also made the spectators full of frowns on their stomach.


  • Kavi Sammellan:
    Poetry is like a art, a subjectively perceived phenomenon. In Acropolis history, first time the Kavi Smmellan is organized and got huge response from students. Judges also appreciated Acro poets and encouraged the coordinators by sponsoring every Kavi Smelan in AITRs. The event become a grand success because of the powerful team members headed by Ms. Sumitra Joshi. The Total no. of participents in this event is 37.
  • Rangoli,Collage, Face Painting:
    To come out shell of art, next events in Ardor’11 are Rangoli, Collage and Face painting. These events Explores the hidden Talent of students by giving plateform. These events are really give students lots of joy and endurance towards their work. These events are also a step towards the great success of Arodor’11 in observation of our team Ms. Sheetal Dubey, Ms.Yashodhara Sharma and Ms. Alka Sharma and there team members.
  • Swaranjali:
    The fourth day begun with the vibrant colors of singing where the students of the college were carried away by the melodies of the participating singers. Singing both solo and group performance made the evening remarkable. The total no. of participants in this event is around 32 and had winners and to see the charm of students towards this event the consolation prizes were also given by the committee organized by Ms. Anupama Tiwari, one of the talented member of the institute
  • Dance Competition:
    The much awaited charm of the dance competition “Acro Zara nach Ke Dikha” came to this peak with the zanny moves, the dizzying footwork ,the flashy costumes ,the judges watching ardently ,the crowd’s screaming names, the earth pulsating in rhythm and the afterglow. Students put on their dancing shoes and devised new moves which took everyone’s breath away. The competition was judged by Mrs. Anuradha Chaitanya and Mrs. Mayuri Naik the Renowned dance expert of the city and organized by the team of the great leader in this field Mr. S. Bhalla of our institution

On 15th April we invited Mr. Amay Khurasia (former Indian Cricketer and President of M.P. Cricket Control Board) for prize distribution ceremony of the cultural events and Sports event. He motivated our students with wonderful story of a tiny sparrow. He inspired the students for hardwork and sportsman spirit. His simplicity is adored by our staff and students.

Finally, on sixth day (i.e. 16 April )in the presence of Collector Indore Mr. Raghvendra Singh ji and Director Swami Vivekananda Career Guidance Scheme Indore Dr. Pankaj Trivedi, we beguiled our final cultural event . Acropolis is known for their social activities in city of Indore therefore before starting our Acro-Parinde, we invited a group of street boys to perform a special dance . Formal programme started with welcome speech by CEO AITR Prof. M. K. Dube. He welcomed all the guest gathering, parents and Acropolis family. Dr. M.D. Agrawal Principal, AITR welcomed the Chief Guest, Mr.Raghvendra Singh (Collector Indore) and Prof. Sumer S Yadav welcomed the special Guest Dr. Pankaj Trivedi .Introduction to the special guest and chief guest was given by Prof. Manish Sharma and Prof. S.K. Sohani respectively. Principal Acropolis Dr. M. D. Agrawal presented the brief annual report of the college that includes the students and faculty achievements in academic year 2010- 2011. Our Chief guest Mr. Ragvendra Singh ji blessed our students by his wisdom words. Firstly he appreciated all the students of acropolis, faculty members for their special achievements. He motivated to students to follow core values of our culture (hard work, sincerity etc) to achieve your goals as world is becoming a small in your hand with help of latest and complex technology. As ARDOR’11 is on Mahavir Jayanti, He said that everyone should follow Mahavir sawami ,Mahadev , Krishana ,satya , ahinsa and follow all the best moves done by our leaders. He advised students that do not waste your talents change your aspirations into reality, and finally he concluded his speech with a very inspirational lines by Swami Vivekananda –“ We reap what we sow. We are the makers of our own fate. … the whole responsibility on your own shoulders, and know that you are the creator of your own destiny.”

The Guest of honor Mr. Pankaj Trivedi appreciated the efforts put by the faculties for growth of institute in all directions and motivated the students and faculty members so that they can face the challenges without any stress. He also pointed out the stress faced by the youth and points to overcome from this stress. Acropolis fraternity always motivated by the word of wisdom of Dr. Pankaj Trivedi.

Mr.Ashish Sojatia (Chairman, Acropolis Group) and Mr. Anand Sojatia (Secretary, AITR) presented the token of memory to the guests of the evening. To bless the occasion Shri Ashok Sojatia (Chairman, Governing Body),Shri Gaurav Sojatia (Chairman , AITR), Dr. Ashok Kumat ( Vice Chairman , AITR) were also present among the dignitaries of the gathering . Students were awarded for their achievements in the category of Sports, Arts, Academia and Liter aria.

Acro- Parinde eve was full of entertainment and started with Ganapati Vandana –“The Vinayakas”with the typical footsteps of Kuchipudi. The ambience created an overwhelming atmosphere worshiping Lord Ganesha – the popular figure of Indian Art and guest were delighted by the interest of youth in Indian classical Dance. Many colorful performances such Medley, Indo-western Dance, Rajwadi Dance, Robo -Lavni were appreciated by the audience. Especially, Shadow Dance and Rajwadi dance effects were lifted the graph of success of Acro-Parinde. Just as the chemist in the laboratory concentrates all the powers of his mind and brings them into one focus -the elements to be analyzed and find out their hidden secretes similarly a good mentor is the making of team and provide them with a chance to comprehend their infinite potential and this is proven by the convener of Ardor’11 Dr. Shilpa Bhalerao by the support and constant guidance of her we have ultimately found a way to honour the time and golden efforts put in by all our ardor’11 team members and students. The eve was the outcome of the hard work and continuous efforts of students and Mr. Gaurav Chaitanya(Secretary,Ardor) and Ms. Aarti Sharma(Treasurer,AITR). Finally, after vote of thanks given byDirector FMS Prof. Sumer Singh Yadav the cultural programs were started. This evening ends with DJ night and grand dinner.

The following is the list of shining stars of the various events-

Sr. No. Event Winners Branch
1. Kavi Smelan
  • Mr. Ashutosh Sharma-I
  • Mr. Bhupendra singh Sisodiya-II
  • Ms. Aparna Sharma – III
CS II year
EI IV year
EC II Year
2. Rangoli
  • Ms. Monika Gupta-I
  • Ms. Paridhi Kothari-II
  • Ms. Kavita Mehta -III
MCA II year
IT II year
Pharmacy III year
3. Collage
  • Ms. Roma Agrawal-I
  • Ms. Garima Barsiya -II
  • Ms. Neha Chaturvedi &
    Mr. Arpit Sugandhi-III
MCA I Year
4. Face painting
  • Ms. Rupal Phatak-I
  • Mr. Himanshu Mehta-II
  • Ms. Shubhangi Chouhan-III
EC I year
ME II Year
IT I year
5. Swaranjali Solo
  • Mr. Aman Pandey -I
  • Mr. Ravi Mishra-II
  • Mr. Rajat Mohite-III
ME II Year
B.Com I Year
6. Swaranjali Duet
  • Mr. Aman Pandey &
    Mr. Mridul Garg-I
  • Ms. Nikhar Maheshwari &
    Mr. Nitesh Soni-II
EC II Year
CS IV Year
7. Instrumental
  • Mr. Sudeep Dasaundhi -Tabla-I
  • Mr. Gaurav Soni -Flute-II
8. Solo Western
  • Ms Nidhi Sharma-I
  • Mr. Prithviraj-II
  • Mr Nitesh Jain-III
BCA I Year
ME I Year
9. Solo (Classical)
  • Ms. Aastha Nahar -I
  • Ms Devyai Chaturvedi.-II
  • Ms. Apoorva Thakkar-III
CS II Year
CS I Year
10. Group Dance
  • Master Group-I
  • Saya Group- II
  • Wave Group-III